Completed Rare Tier of Knights of Avalon Challenge Event, but didn’t receive Completion Rewards

Dumb question but here goes: when do we get the tier completion rewards? I completed Rare earlier and didn’t receive 3 coins, WE etc

You get them when you complete that Tier.

Can you check your Activity Log under Options > Support > Recent Activity, and make sure they’re not listed there?

They are definitely not.
Is it a score thing? I only got like 20,000 score on the final stage…
But definitely completed all. Let me grab a screenshot of my recent history and post (i am on desktop at the moment) give me 2 mins

Here we go.

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What shows on the Rewards tab at the bottom for Rare? Does it still show it as uncollected like this?

Yes it shows exactly like that, but no where i click can i “claim”.

Normally it just pops up on its own when you finish, you don’t have to claim it normally.

Can you please submit a ticket to Support? It’s under Options > Support > Support, you can find instructions here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

I’m also going to move your posts to a new thread in #bugs-issues and contact the Small Giant Staff about it too.


Any chance you accidentally skipped one of the first 6 levels? Your screen shot starts at level 7 so I can’t see.

You can’t skip ahead can you?

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You’re not supposed to be able to, no.

But we seem to possibly be in bug territory, so anything is possible.


Sorry, don’t mind me asking, but were you able to finish the last stage or were you by any chance defeated in that last stage? You would need to kill all three bosses in order to be eligible for the reward. :slight_smile:


The final stage keeps flashing “play now”, could that be why? It’s registering as not completing? Is it saying “play now” for everyone else after completion?

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I second @ThePirateKing’s post … is it even possible to beat that stage with a score of 20k? I don’t think so …


Yes, the PLAY NOW is definitely when you haven’t played that Stage yet. It gets replaced with the score when you beat it.

But your first screenshot seems to show a score — is it switching back and forth between PLAY NOW and the 20,176?

As @ThePirateKing asked, are you sure you beat the Stage and didn’t die part way through?

Yes it’s flashing from my 20,000 score and “Play Now”.
I just finished submitting my support ticket.

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Thanks for submitting a ticket!

I think it must be that you didn’t finish the last Stage, or at least that it didn’t record that you did.

Not to ask an obvious and stupid question, but…you saw the Bosses all die at the end, and VICTORY pop up, right?

Yes definitely, I struggled with the last one and took forever to do it.

I have about 20+ energy now so I can try again and see if I can complete it again?


My guess is it didn’t record your completion for some reason, then.

Hopefully Support will be able to tell from their logs what’s going on.

I messaged the Staff about it in the meantime too, as a heads up in case they see other players reporting something similar. I’ll keep an eye out for other Forum posts about it too.


Hmm, actually, how “forever” was it? I think there’s a cutoff around 30 minutes where it times out.

That’ll probably work, though it’ll be frustrating if it happens again…

I don’t think it took 30mins, I definitely did get a victory from it. I was so relieved once done. I even got a reward from completing it (and XP).
I had so much trouble with the yellow woman on the right and took ages to kill her (Guinevere).

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