Completed Goal - All Buildings at 20


I have finally finished my goal. All of my buildings and the Stronghold are at level 20. It is with mixed feelings that I will now put this game away. It has been a long journey with ups and downs for sure.

Killing my first 5 star titan, getting my first 5 star hero, maxing out my first full team (all five were four stars). Some great highs.

Being kicked from my first alliance for disagreeing with the owner about why she was kicking so many folks out, watching my second alliance break apart because so many quit during the whole “special offer” mess, the special offer mess itself. Some sad times.

I really liked this game but felt so disrespected by the developers in June 2017 that I almost quit myself, but decided to finish my goal and just not put any money into the game from that moment on. I received the message loud and clear that as a person who put money into the game I was not important. So I stopped supporting the game with monthly cash payments. But I kept working the game to reach my goal. And I made it. I reached the goal. All my buildings are 20s.

So it is time to say good by and good luck to those who are still playing.



Agreed, only been playing since Nov '17, and the sheer amount of greed by the devs has pretty much turned me off as well. I still play, but I don’t put any money in except VIP.

Good luck in where ever your adventure takes you.


Did you max out the barracks and the forge you had converted?
If not you didn’t succeed at your goal :frowning:


I wish you well and completely understand. The spring event was my first real shock as I put an embarrassing amount of money into that one and received very little for it. Then came the Summer event and that was the last nail in the coffin of my P2W gaming career. I spent way too much for way too little. Yep, I knew going in what I was “buying” and in the end it really wasn’t worth it. I looked at the Credit card statement and decided that there are better things I could have done with that money.

Now it comes to the Fall event and there still is a much greater chance of getting a re-tread season 1 hero than there is of getting an event hero for any money “invested.” I would love to have some of those event heroes, but just don’t want to go down that rabbit hole again and just end up feeding season 1 Five star heroes I receive to whatever hero I happen to be training at the time.

I hear proposed additions that will include a way to make the current 5* heroes more powerful with additions, whether it is a “troop-like” addition or an additional ascension, it really doesn’t matter. It will end up costing money. Everything ends in money with this game and it is getting tiring. I can understand micro-transactions to support the game and fully support that idea. I love the idea of supporting a game that I love to play with some investment, but it has gone well beyond that with this game.

I met a new player this week that states he is spending upwards of $1000 per week on the game. Despite my best efforts to keep him from making the same mistakes I made when I started he’s proceeding with the same exact mistakes that I made starting out. It’s ok to spend money. I have no problem with that, but why not be smart about it and get the most for your money. Especially if you have someone willing to tell you the best way to go about it and the mistakes to avoid, but I digress. Something needs to change and the only way it will change is if people stop throwing money at the game.


This is actually one of my goals so I am wondering how long did it take you? With or without second builder?

What was the "special offer” mess?


I’m sure that somebody who feels disrespected and so on, shouldn’t even buy the VIP pass. When a product is unfinished or just not good enough or the seller is not interested in his costumers, lack of communication or the seller doesn’t fully understand his own product, don’t buy/gamble. Otherwise they think you’re stupid and they can sell you everything. The product gets worse and worse.


I started playing the game on July 3rd of Last year and finished my Camp including the hidden forge on April 1st (Yeah, appropriate. April Fool’s day) of this year. I did pay to skip time on some of the buildings early on, but that saved me very little time as they were very low levels and cost very little to speed up.

The “Special offer mess” was really blown out all reasonable proportion. It was an offer made to a select few players that was just an insane deal they could purchase for very little money. It was not offered to everyone and a ton of people got offended. Many said they were quitting over it. It didn’t bother me in the least. I filed it under “Not my buisiness” and moved on with my life.


Good job staying on target until the end.
And also good luck for whatever you want to do now :slightly_smiling_face:


I missed you, @dafrca - you were an excellent forum contributor, way back when. I’m pleased to hear that you’re still alive and that you stuck with the game until you reached your goals. Go with our best wishes.

It took me 18 months without the second builder.

This was the special offer:

(The price varied a tiny bit by local currency. For me, it was ÂŁ2.99.)

The problem was that this spectacular offer was specifically targeted only at players who had previously spent nothing (like me). I guess the idea was to get players to start spending, by offering them such great value they couldn’t ignore it. (It worked on me: I bought it.) The problem was that players who had already spent money were understandably annoyed to think that they were effectively being penalised for their loyalty. I mean: very annoyed.

SG learned their lesson. Nothing like that has ever happened since.


Not entirely true.
I recall another great offer happened soon after targeting dead accounts (several weeks or months not login). Something like “Awake from the dead” line if i recall corretly.
It wasn’t as good as the gigantic offer, but still very good.

So nope, they don’t really learn the lesson immediately.


Oh dear!
I may have met that player in battle the other day. Level 35, 4100+ team power, 5 maxed 5* heroes, including HOTMs, and level 27 troops.

Level 35, ok? I cannot imagine the amount of cash that this player has thrown at the game.

I beat him anyway :wink:


It’s the most indecent thing I’ve ever read, it must have cost them the game.


Congratulations on finishing.

I’m getting close to it at ~six months (with VIP). I’ve maxed my Stronghold, Watchtower, all Mines, all Farms, all Iron Storage, and all Food Storage.

Still working on houses (20,18,13,6), Forges (20,18,5,5), Barracks (7), and none of those are going to make a big difference for me when I finish them other than not having something to spend that iron on.

I’m currently in hero surplus, so my TCs at 20,19,12,11 are too busy cranking out heroes to be upgraded. Maybe someday I’ll finish them.

And at this point, upgrading my buildings is the least interesting part of the game for me, and I’m only keeping VIP for the gems and the dragon; I wouldn’t pay for a second builder where I am in the game.

Developing heroes, and teams of heroes is what keeps my attention, not buildings.


Exactly, This guy was asking me how to make the strongest team he could so he didn’t get beat. I told him that everyone gets beaten no matter how strong your team gets. He didn’t seem to hear that and proceeded to state how he was buying every offer in the game and spending money in the worst possible ways. There was just no redirecting him.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if i met this guy too. I have no idea how much he spent on the game, but within a month he had some majorly powered-up heroes. I kept trying to explain how to spend wisely but he didn’t want to hear it. To each their own i guess.