Complete Starter Pack for New Players

The Player Guides are an invaluable resource for anyone who plays E&P. To save new players having to trawl the entire forum for the information, here is a list of existing links that are initial “must reads”. This will serve any player from Level 1 to about 30 judging from my experience in the game.

I’m tagging @Rook and @JonahTheBard because I know you won’t mind helping if I don’t have the technical ability to keep the thread updated. @Kerridoc and @Coppersky, feel free to jump in if I miss anything fundamental.

Coppersky's Compendium - an unofficial game guide

There are many, many other guides that will help you. But if you refer to the above and monitor the Community Forum, you will get most of the information that you need for early to mid level of this game

I will edit this post to include further suggestions. Bear in mind, that it is an attempt to create a ‘one stop shop’ for new players who may but yet understand how the game works and as a resource for players who are working their way through to the higher levels.

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Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides
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6 month mark - My advice to new players

I would also include JB’s fictionary


Great suggestion. It is another must read!

Helped me a lot as a new player.
edited to remove my caption


Thanks to all the “seasoned” players who offer their sage advice. We all benefit from your wisdom.


Thanks for this @Keesa I’m going to let this thread play out for a bit before editing my post to include all suggested links. I;m hoping this thread becomes the resource if that makes sense?

I am monitoring it though

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Oh, no worries (and certainly no ego on my part, I didn’t write it :laughing:).

I’m just glad to have a compilation thread that has all the stuff I’ve bookmarked in one handy place. :hugs:

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I am rather new. I know the game in ment to be slow. But come on… They only let you have 3 forges when almost everything the needs to be upgraded needs metal and not only that but needs A LOT OF IT. I was wondering if I had done something wrong from the beginning. Should I have made more forges, would I have had the option? My Stronghold is lvl 12 and my 3 forges are lvl 11 and I am currently upgrading them. I also have 4 iron storages at about lvl 9 ea and I need to upgrade them but my lack of forges is starting to make me frusterated.


Hey @Easiyamused89, you will get a lot of support if you post something along these lines in the general discussion forum.

A part of the game is juggling the resources that you have available to you at any one time.

What I like about this game is that every single player has exactly the same buildings to work with. That means a significant strategy is to decide what gets the iron, food, feeder heroes and troops at the various stages.

Yes, it can be frustrating (it still is for me!), but please look at it as being part of the challenge of playing the game.

The Player Guide section won’t get a lot of responses, so you should consider re-posting your observation in General Discussion. Trust me, you will get a lot of understanding and support to keep going.

About that,

How do you create a new topic on the forum ?

I can only reply here and can’t post anything new.

Thanks I was kinda unsure where to post this as well. XD. Cause it seems General discussion is mostly for more organized people. Lol is there a spcific thread I could go to. Or do I just post topics with my questions in them?

You may need to do the forum tutorial?

It doesn’t let you post until you’ve done that and I think read a few posts

It’s OK to post new topics with your questions.

When you give your post a title, it will show similar threads. If one is identical, or very similar, then don’t post a new topic. Otherwise, go for it. You’ll find people here are generally helpful.

You’ll get the hang of it quickly


This is all brilliant. Thanks for pulling it all together and thanks for the share on the forum


Thanks buddy, you hit the nail on the head.

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