Complete Special Skill at Max level

Doing what blem said will stop that from happening.

Jesus. No it wont. Ive tried all strats. Look how long ive been posting these. Read the thread. There is no guarantee via any strategy for making it max out evry time.

Im not talking about maxing it after the event. Im talking about maxing it by the time it hits the last level of a regular level up. 3/50, 4/70 or 5/80.

I do it all the time. Yes there is.


It has a flipping percentage while your doing it

Max it while you level it.

You still waste some heros but save some headache

Another one…

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  1. I dont use off colour feeders like in the video. Its inefficient.

  2. I have a grand total of 17 spare roster spaces, and thats because i traded 450 gems for an additional 5 yesterday.

So explain again how i guarantee 100% success rate.

Then our precent can get higher I didn’t have more space or more red it was to show the percent feed untill it’s above 75 or even 100

What do you mean explain again … feed untill it’s 100 then it will always go up.

With 17 spaces?

Being unlucky when leveling the skill happens

How to solve this? Refrain from feeding 3* on-color to attempt high chance level ups. If the skill upgrade won’t reach the 100% remember that exceeding the rooster cap by summoning (even with gray tokens) is possible!

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Feeding off colour heroes is also wasteful if its going to give less xp.

Thanks for showing a higher precent I’ve lost my will…. Thought video was enough but thank you.

Then don’t use off color like he showed. Whatever doesn’t matter get your precent up.

Save all the hero’s of that color you can. Before you feed.

I feel like youre trying to provoke me. Ive said already that I dont have the roster space to get to 100%.

The video you posted doesnt appear to show anything, just simply how you select feeders to level up a hero, but the comment you just made reads like you are exasperated trying to explain this to me… only you havent explained anything.

The suggestion above to use grey tokens to fill abive my roster space level is a semi-useful tip, but will rarely work if Im not willing to throw away XP by feeding off colour.

The current system causes XP waste by making me use more feeders after the hero is max level.

Feeding off colour also wastes XP, so its not a solution.

SG should just fix the problem.

…… I wish you peace and more space.


Save only 2/3* same color feeders for it and wait to feed. I dunno or make the suggestion I guess but can’t vote it the precent is tied to the rest of the hero’s. Meaning epic and legendary so I’m not sure how they can fix it. Least they show the precent chance…

Pandita, i respect you but youve added nothing to this debate with these interjections and self-quotations.

The thread is a request for SG to correct this hangover from when the game was first designed, which causes unecessary XP waste when levelling heroes.

Wishing me more space is a nice sentiment but we both know they will never gift us unlimited roster space. They probably wont make the QoL fix im requesting either, but that at least doesnt hit them in the pocket so its possible.

Edit: and it needs to be included on Epic and Legendary too, so thats no problem.

Truth be told, special skill’s level up could be maxed at level 1.01 and it wouldn’t alter the game’s balance in the slightest but we know that for gacha developers it’s important to give a false sense of progression while adding as many walls as possible.


And again.

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Really? 5/8 on a 4*?

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I blame the yellow heroes! :rofl:


Yeah they do seem overrepresented here.

Not so bloody Holy if you ask me.