Complete Special Skill at Max level

That’s quite an achievement. All costumes failed.

@Dudeious.Maximus is there an emoji available for this level of brilliance? If not, I feel we should invent one :sweat_smile:


No picture; Boldtusk Toon reached 4/70 yesterday at 7/8 Special Skill.

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This is the first time I have 8/8 special skill on 3* before max level.

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You mean this fella?

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Boom! Not only a crap card, but also one that didnt max out.

Wow, one quick glance at the artwork and I was sure that the bird had its head down and the, um, throat pendant(?) was his beak. Odd looking crow.

Thats what I get when trying to pull a Construct hero. Its insulting :joy:

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At least you have one to complain about :grin:

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Absolutely smashing the costume portal today

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This is a crap card?

I think heal for 3 makes this a glorified Friar Tuck. So many others heal all.

Basically have to leave the wings unprotected.

It gives three simultaneous buffs at average speed. It’s a 3 star buff booster card (particularly for the chance to dodge specials). So not useless, but probably only comes out to play once or twice every three months :person_shrugging:

But doesn’t he have repair core? And he also has very good stalling support for a 3*
I think this is an exception of a heal 3 hero. This is guin levels of stall we’re talking about but in a three star raid scene

I would test that theory but im short of yellow aethers. At 3/50 it wont last in a fight.

He is better used on defence as flank or even tank

I assumed he was designed as a tank, but cant test it for the time being.

Be interesting to see if he appears much in no-purple tournies.

Valen, his costume and toon were all 5/8. Frustrating to have to waste more feeders just for this


This one just wont max.