Complete Special Skill at Max level

I’ve got a cBane at 3.42 still on 3/8, don’t want to curse it. Feeding him only off-colour 1 stars, one at a time now. Gonna get that sweet sweet 3/8 max level card.

Good luck with cCyprian, whichever way you’re hoping for it to pan out! (Plus: nice card; I’ve done Rigard and Sabrina max cozzie bonus but Cyprian is still eluding me)

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Im reasonably assured that he is a bit of a nightmare and OP for his class, so my bog standard Cyprian which was untouched for 2 years is finally getting levelled up. Doing multiple level ups for one hero really irritates me, but thats what im reduced to trying to stay relevant :joy:

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He’s even like, I will do whatever it takes to stop being levelled up

@Pr0spero sent me here from Bad luck thread, so here’s my example:

I had it also someday(December I think) with cMielikki.
I voted long time ago:)

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Im working on that same hero. Mine, thankfully, has hit 8/8 :yum:

Do you also hv toon?
I just finished him like 30 mins after my post(with all 3 costumes).
His stats are CRAZY

And tht 7 turn counterattack :stuck_out_tongue: (I flank him in tournament with DF and cRigard, and in league with DF and Treevil, and he’s doing rly well

No not yet. Soon as I learned of that stupid counter I figured I may as well start levelling up the other costumes just in case i pull him. Costume portal is the only one I ever pull anything decent from :rofl:

Another one…

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And another from me.

Not bad for a costume. My 3* costumes are generally only at 4 or max 5/8.


Same, i just did Bane, and his costume + toon, both costumes were 4/8 and original was 5/8

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Yeah hes my 2nd Kvasir and both costumes finished without max special skill.

A lot of 3* Costumes have this issue and its totally unnecessary.

What if the game allowed you to LB a non-maxed-special hero and you could work on maxing the special while levelling the LB? Then you would not be wasting feeders. After all, a “maxed” 3* at 3/50 is not really maxed anymore is it.

Agreed. That would be better.

However, you might not want to LB (cant imagine why, non-LB1 are sitting ducks these days), so cant they just let you toss 1 x 1* feeder as a completion feeder?

Or better yet, when I hit max level just finish the damn special skill off automatically!

Honestly I dont think this is a principle thing with them… its not for a purpose. Its just that they cant be bothered getting around to updating that element of the game (no money in it).

True, but I am in a phase where I am maxing some 3* just for the gems in the museum… So no interest in LB’ing all these just for that purpose.

This. :thumbsup: :white_check_mark:

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I agree. This is so far down the priority list it is barely hanging on by its fingernails. It would be an easy fix, just change the 5x boost variable to 50x (one 1* feeder) or, if that’s too much, 25x (one 2* feeder). Even 10x would be an improvement.

Edit: Just noticed I hadn’t yet voted. Fixed.

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In fact, why don’t they just allow us to emblem a hero that’s not yet maxed.
In the past, E&P’s arch nemesis actually allowed non fully levelled heroes to be emblemed which back then was mind blowing to me.

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This is Valen.

Valen’s main interests are Snooker, Monster Munch, and molesting underage girls.

Don’t be like Valen.

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