Complete guide with all contributions?


You think it’s a good idea put in the Forum a guide with all the contributions of crafteo, heroes and more little things with the name of the contributions of each player.

I had thought it so that new players have it closer. En distintos idiomas. What do you think?
:see_no_evil: :relaxed: :see_no_evil:


If I understand you correctly your goal is to have a closer community by recognizing everyone’s contribution? I support that, wish I knew how to do it.


My goal is with the contribution of the forum, write a more complete guide for users of Empires & Puzzles but I would like to know what they think :relaxed:


I use Coppersky’s Compendium, which lists many of the other guides/info from other game aficionados.

Coppersky’s is still kept up to date; some of the others were not.

Perhaps you might want to reach out to her to see if she is interested in collaborating?

One thing I would love to see is a guide properly translated into other languages. I know we have a Spanish one; is anyone willing to do one for our Russian community? :wink:


We could have a list of all player guides in one topic, what do you think guys?


Petri, that is a wonderful idea, and would be an invaluable resource. Thank you!