Completation reward improvement

If i have to complain: i complain.
If i have to praise: i praise.

Good job with the completation reward.
Now it makes sense even on Avalon event.


Yes - I was so happy to see the updated loot.

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I haven’t noticed but just want to say it is good to hear some praise for something.

I wake up to a new complaint everyday. Maybe they should make a complaints section…

Well. Would be good If they would do the Same for Beginner… Its still really Bad and dont animate me to participate.

Had no plans to do this event for even the completion loot…checked out the rewards this morning and saw the huge improvement and will now be completing intermidiate and advanced. Glad SG listened to players concerns over poor quality of loot with last Knights event…


Intermediate and Advanced completion loot looks pretty damn good.

Beginner on the other hand seems very weak in comparison.

A WE Flask, always nice to have. A normal summon token (you get about 3-5 summons a day, this isn’t overly special)…and the other stuff I don’t even count.

Seems strange that in an event that features a Blue 5* that Warm Cape is the only 3* ascension item not given as part of a completion reward. They should add it to the Beginner completion reward IMO. That way Beginner would award 1 ascension item, intermediate awards 2, and advanced awards 3.


Aye, thanks for listening.

Got a connection issue during a stage.
When i log in again i get back my flags, i’m the only one?

Because it may be a great improvement too.

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Beginner tier has garbage completion rewards. Now, I know someone out there is probably thinking well duh, it’s beginner. But the thing is, these are supposed to be end-game events - and beginner isn’t actually easy. I don’t think it’s much to ask to just offer 1 non-farmable ascension item up as a reward here.

Other events as well has none unfarmable ascension items for conpleting beginners tier.
At least now Avalon has some good rewards for intermediate and advanced, so in that sense they listen to us.

Maybe one day even beginners get some good stuff, but we can’t complain even when developers do a step in our direction :wink:

Beginners never has anything good for completion loot so no need to be surprised about that now…

Add to this that the event difficulty is nerfed quite noticeable as well.

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Very nice completion rewards in advanced and internediate! Thank you!

And, as opposed to the last time, this event was “doable” without any unladylike cursing. :wink: Thank you again!

Noticed that as well…last time Knights was way over the top difficult…this time it was much more manageable…

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