Why is it that:
-the longer you stay with the game the lesser you are rewarded?.
-the more you hurry up chests using gems the less they contain?.
-the more you spend/the longer you stay faithful to the game the lower the percentages of rolling anything good become?.

There is no balancing controlfunction that could take pity on players who constantly rolled 3* with very rare 4* from 4x tc20 for > 8 months straight?

As of now the only fair function are the troopleveling as you constantly get troops over time…

Well my mighty troops are the only thing that keeps my scruffy old 5* in competition, because god knows i aint getting any new ones.

Thanks for the new event with the fun tactical gameplay(eventhough it was way too easy), but at the same time a big fat Booo! For the only 3* old trash heroes from all the coin rolls.

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I am actually rewarded more now than I was when I started two years ago. There is much more content and I can finish higher in events and tournaments.

They contain quite less whether you use gems or not I find. So I generally don’t use gems. The only advantage to using gems to speed up chests is getting to elemental chests faster.

The percentages don’t change. You go through streaks of good luck and bad luck (all part of the joys of RNG). If you are fortunate enough to have a good luck streak early on then it seems like they have changed later when they haven’t.

This has been discussed many times and would be a good addition to alleviate much of player frustrations. Or it would just transfer the frustration to the lack of AM’s to level all those pity 5*'s. Then there would have to be an increase in AM drop rates and that would substantially change the character of the game.

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Let’s talk about nerfing tell and vella, look at all the op heroes destroying the game. It makes no sense its a terrible mess the quality of this game is terrible

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Right, they nerfed Vela and now we have Frigg BK Odin and the ninjas. Now the absurdity of nerfing Telluria and Vela become obvious in the context of the new releases that make (pre nerf) T and V look like little lambs. I mean why did they even bother nerfing GTV kowing they’ll release Frigg, Odin, and the ninjas?! GTV was nothing next to FBkO.


The ninjas are just ridiculous. Cobalt on his own is too much…but Garnett, Onyx, and to a lesser extent Mica together are just stupid. The bonus dodge effect happens way, waaaay too much and even dodges TILES! WTF? And they charge to 3x unless they’re about to die…then all of sudden they change their mind and fire immediately. The damage is just insane for these guys too. Cobalt does over 1k damage per team member of highly emblemed defensive heroes on his own!! Throw in an Onyx slash attack and no hero can survive. Even with a perfect offensive board it’s hard to win against these guys.

Edit: I forgot about the 90% counterattack with these guys too! That triggers insanely too much too!


Well said,
I like the social aspect of the alliances without that, I would have moved on from this game already.

4 consecutive losses in tournament

with ■■■■■■ tiles??! screw you sgg you just making it from worse to worst day by day…

And all the season 4 heroes look even more powerful in their current designs.

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