If you don’t enjoy that you can drop your cups and look for easier challenges and easier hero chest filling.

You don’t lose that much resources when raided. If I am out for more than 12 hours I find my WT full despite being raided.


Last Update: Taking this complaint to SG directly. Thanks to the ones that offered a different perspective to the raid experience.
Since new users are limited to only 3 replies, here’s my consolidated response.


If anyone interpret this post of my experience as just whining about losing (or on who cares cups), then please keep the mindless comments to yourselves. Telling me to play or get lost is OFFENSIVE and INSULTING to me and the intelligent, literate and friendly folks who are actually offering sound advice. —TAG MODERATORS.—

Now, back to the kind listeners here.

It’s hard to level up a hero to max ascension level without spending money—I need higher levels of buildings for iron, food, storages, training, that takes longer days to complete, and losing these essential resources on a daily basis to players that I can’t successfully revenge and take them back is sabotaging my game experience.

I have been playing this game for a few years, and wouldn’t stay if it wasn’t fun at all. However, seeing how SG is allowing players with +19, 20 talent grid teams to continuously raid abuse players’ team like mine having a hard time obtaining the emblems- and it requires so much of them for higher levels of talent grids- I feel hopeless on ever being able to enjoy a fair pvp in this game.

The 7-day raid shield costs 1000 gems- that is hard to accumulate without real money- and has a cool down period, which I get severely raided during the cd and lose even more resources!!! Also, the required items to reach max ascension level are incredibly difficult to farm. Took months to finally collected everything to ascend my Kuchen, and now grinding daily trying to level him to the max—I love this guy on my team.

I want to opt out for raid, and SG should allow players to choose to opt out.

I am not able to post new comment in SG’s support forum about my complaint and request for a solution, then I found this Complaints forum where surprisingly I’m able to post. I am still trying to repost my complaint to SG but it’s not working yet.

This is my shoutout to SG—Please read the complaint and understand the cause of frustration and have the courtesy to offer a reasonable solution for players like me that have spent real money but instead of getting lucky on better gaming experience got spanked hard and left with defenseless teams.

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This is a forum for discussion amongst players. If you want to talk to SGG, and don’t want players to discuss what you bring up, don’t use this forum – talk to SGG directly: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


Oh… The whole crux of the issue in one sentence. :confounded:.

@zephyr1 or @Rook perhaps you can speak to this request. I’m under the impression, raiding and being raided is just part of the E&P experience?


On one hand this isn’t a bad idea… But then again… This is how this game rolls!!!

Exactly :blush:

And @Sidhekin you are absolutely right.

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I think biggest complaint he sees being raided takes his resources .
Should explain that you do not loses resources from your farms,mines or what you gained from maps and chests only the resources from watchtower .
You can mitigate loss from being raided by collecting the resources each hour from watchtower , if done right you should obtain more resources from raiding then getting raided

I really think he needs to join a alliance that can help him with the basics and tips on how to build, I don’t think he is getting that support


There are lots of players who already choose to not do raids. If a player could opt out, I don’t see the difference.

if by opting out it means you can freeze your team at #1, I don’t think that’s going to happen :grin:


1st of all You have the right to complain, the same right others have to say if some statement makes sense or not.

If you want to opt out for raid it is ok for me: You can open a thread in the proper section. I’D agree if it means “closing” the watchtower not being able to get resources or at least halving its ratio (this is to avoid massive opting out)

Raid system is not perfect I mostly face teams with TP 300 or 400 higher than my defense team which means 400 or 500 higher than my most suited attack. That is how I improve facing them when I see some chances. It is impossible for all the player to face weaker teams


It’s true, but I’ve seen plenty of people say they wish they could opt out of it.

There’s an idea thread for it too: Suggestion: Ability to Temporarily Opt Out Of Raiding

This sentiment should look familiar:


I see it this way. When we all started the game we knew that there will be buildings, raids, wars, fights, Titans etc etc right? Complaining is okay and everyone has the right to complain. Absolutely! But changing the game just because this game isn’t right for some people…? Not bad idea opting out but then again why?
That’s how this specific game rolls.


There seems to be other solutions beyond simply opting out:
Do the slow grind and improve ones defense
Improve ones ability to color stack when raiding
As mentioned, empty the watchtower more frequently
Cup drop. Intentionally get raided by weaker teams making revenge hits easier.

There may be others. I hated raiding for a while until I learned how to effectively run a 3/2 or 4/1 stack. After that happened it’s been much easier. It was a challenge built into the game that I needed to master so I talked to my allies and followed their suggestions. I suspect that that is what they did before me.

Best of luck.


How to put this as politely as possible…

It ain’t abuse. Period. Abuse would be that same player re-rolling you time and time again pulling down your cup count to 0.

As far as I’m aware that can’t happen (or at least doesn’t happen with any kind of frequency). They raid, they win, they don’t get to re-raid ya.

The player you constantly are circling back to is only 100 strength above ya. Its not that big of a gap. Seriously. I took on a 4100 team in war recently with a 3600 color stacked team. Guess what? I mopped the floor with them as I built my team right.

Don’t like the mechanics? Fine. Stop emphasizing cups. Field (1) Aife as defense, drop your cups to (0), and ignore all the raiding stats in your watchtower.

It’s been this way since I started playing over a year ago. It hasn’t changed.


What does that even mean? We’re all playing by the same rules, what are you talking about?




I appreciate your frustration, but just a few weeks ago I was complaining about not being raided. I remedied the situation by upgrading my watchtower. So now I get raided but mostly lose between 11 and 17 cups and revenge hit the superior hitpoint teams (the badly setup ones). The resource loss (iron and food) doesn’t really bother me as it is about 15% of daily production. I usually end up about even. How the defending team special skills work together seems to me far more critical than the number of emblems at my level (around 3300 attack). Some 3600 teams just fall over, while others are fearsome. Personally I think it to be reasonably fair and all I do is complain as a rule.
I would really urge you to take onboard the help of people who are trying to help you with your team setup. Free help!!

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Absolutely agree @Sarah2, I lose many cups but I get them back plus fill my food/iron. Its a never ending cycle


Just choose not to raid. At all. Eventually you’ll be at such a low cup count that you’ll be with all the absolute noobs who can’t match your defense. Ignore it and enjoy other aspects of the game.


This right here is probably your best course of action. Like @nevarmaor said, just ignore raiding and eventually you’ll reach a point where you neither lose nor gain many cups. Of course there will be the occasional raider but if you’re low enough your D is going to be pretty difficult.
There’s plenty to do without raiding. Concentrate on building up all the heroes in your roster. With a few lucky summons along the way you’ll soon have a much stronger Defense. Raiding becomes more fun with a large roster with more to choose from.
Whatever you choose, Good Luck!!


This is true. I HATED raiding early on. Always lost, never could put together a decent enough team to succeed. Even took me many tries to finish the S1 provinces where you have to attack or you don’t move on. Certainly at that point the most frustrating part of the game to me.

I learned how to raid successfully when I joined an alliance and started participating in wars. I had to build up a bench so I’d have 30 heroes to use. That coincidentally gave me the flexibility I had been missing to create teams with synergy. Fighting in the wars taught me how to fight in raids. Now I do quite well enough to open chests in diamond regularly, of late always. I don’t stay in diamond but that’s fine. I have overwhelmingly mainly S1 classic heroes to work with.

At one point after joining the alliance my titan kills to raid wins was 2:1.


No one needed to know that! !! I’m sorry!!! Don’t flag it! I can’t delete it if you do flag it

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