@KnifeWonder, I have noticed that the AI is attacking my weaker hero’s (Grimm, Chao, Coleman) and/or my healers (Mel, Sabina) more often recently. I just chalked it up to RNG, but it’s definitely happening pretty consistently


There has been changes made to the way the AI plays for sure. I see, you see it, alot of other folks see it, so no its not just randomness.

The game is harder because the AI targets heroes with some logic, its not random attacks anymore.
When you have the AI throw 2, 3, 4 attacks at the same heros theres not a chance that it wont get killed.
Then it does focus on the weakest ones in the line up.
I have lost count how many times I am hastily building mana for my healer to help a depleted hero and just before it gets full mana the poor hero gets attacked and killed.
I am now playing raids just for the chest. I hover around the 1800 cup mark. I cant go higher than that anymore (Not too long ago I was up to 2100).
I have reached the point that if after about 10 turns I have not killed on the AI heroes I consider the game 90% lost. I use the flee option all the time now because I see what the board is giving me and its just a waste of time and its a lost game anyway.


Why SG would allow players to raid others with a major difference in team? That’s because SG is sick of receiving victim players for our hard earn money praying to summon good heroes that actually ups our gaming experience. Attached screenshot is proof of the raid abuse I received, and I am looking for legal outlets to make formal complaints about SG.


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This screenshot is my defense team that was massacred repeatedly in raid by higher team opponents.

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Well I’d probably massacre that (with a half decent board). And the highest TP I can put together is about 3800.


The number of cups is only to determine the place in the world rankings.

In order to play at the very top of the game you have to aggressively attack players with more cups.

But nobody stays in the top 100 for a long time without constantly consuming raid energy.

I do not care to be attacked, sometimes I take revenge.

Otherwise, I’m looking for opponents I can beat.
These are usually a bit stronger and sometimes a bit weaker.

It is more important that the hero mission is fulfilled.

Just do not get upset and enjoy the game.

Dont worry be happy.


Your other post got flagged so I’ll respond to this one…

There’s a range of players that can attack you and you in turn can attack. IF I recall, its based on cups and not your raid defense. So…in all likelihood either A. The player that attacked you was within that range or B. Had dropped cups to more easily fill the raid chest on the way back up the charts.

In all honesty…cups are useless in measuring the quality of a player. Bragging rights only and they really fluctuate so I wouldn’t get bent out of shape over them. You should see who’s attacked me over the past week…wild fluctuations in team strength from 3500-4200 teams. **I’m rocking a 4030 defense right now.


You really don’t deal any damage with this team so a majority of the time you are hoping for time to run out.

This is the type of defense people pick on. A lot of healing and not enough damage.

Do you have anything else in blue or red?

Kunchen should be in the middle as well.


Firstly, welcome to the forum.

Not sure if you noticed the TP difference is 100pts?! I agree with @King_Nothing, your def team lacks attackers and Kunchen should be tank. Perhaps if you share the rest of your hero roster, you’ll get advice on designing your best def team.

GL - IMHO, you don’t have a valid complaint :confounded:.


I’m so poor I can’t pay it either and they won’t credit me any. I owe attention…:rofl:
Also to OP thanks, I never knew GOGGLE had games thought it was Google. Keeping it light remember the friends are fun and why you play right? Unless like me your alliance is terrible so you leave after more than a year and sit alone killing 1 to 3* titans. But I am unbeaten in war and kill my titans. Just want to know if there are rare titans below 5*?
Plus I have gotten better mats then when fighting bigger titans and wars. Nice…


Sorry… Rare titans start at 5* - GL with your army of one @Obsidian.

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Thank you for the caring ones who read and replied to my posts. I screenshot the posts, so here’s the one that got flagged.

My defense team arrangement was per my alliance leader’s instruction for titan, and I am not arguing about that setup for raid. LOOK AT THE OPPONENT TEAM’S TALENT GRID. I think the cups matter only as the requirement for alliance recruitment, sure means nothing to me when people have the money to buy energies or other items to get the talents emblems and increase their talent grids.

I spent money and prayed I get epic heroes, but even when I finally get one or two, I still need to spend a tremendous effort to level up from zero to max—lucky if I have the resources to reach max level—and then more effort to get the proper talent emblems at every available event.

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I am speaking out because to me this team difference in raid is abusive and unfair, and SG can definitely fix the matching criteria.

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If SG continues to sabotage my game experience, I certainly will not stand down

I may be out of line but it seems to me that it is our choice to play this particular game and if we don’t like the experience, we are just as free to not play it and choose a different path to enjoyment.


I don’t actually understand what you mean about team difference. Yes, the opponent has more emblems equipped. They also have 3 x 4* to your one; one seasonal 5* to your one Atlantis and two HOTM. Total difference in team power = 100 points, which is nothing, honestly. They are not hugely more powerful than you, and as someone has already pointed out, your team is not ideally ordered, nor does it contain a lot of firepower. It’s perfectly reasonable not to win against a team that’s pretty similar in strength to yours.

Your previous post will have been flagged because you included the other player’s details, btw, so I expect your re-posting to go the same way shortly.

Edit: I should probably have said 2 x Atlantis as I was only looking at the 5* when I typed it. A lot of people don’t have Wilbur either and regard him as an honorary 5*. He is, however, not best suited to defence IMO.

Edit #2 Yep, there it goes.

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I don’t see what the issue is with the screenshots , TP on both is at relatively same level. What I do see with that defence tho is once the tank is killed the rest are dead as they are healers only left the only sniper is in tank position.
Also remember your opposition teams defence is not what they used to raid you , may have used an inferior or superior line up

Remember TP is just an arbitrary figure, you will see 5 star heroes at 3/70 have higher TP than 4 star maxed at 4/70 bu the 4 star hero is actually more powerful.

I suggest you go on gameplay help and get advice on your roster and pick up some defensive and offensive tips


Like someone once said, I lose and I win. Cups come and go… I used to be mad at the game but it is not the games fault its just bad luck :slight_smile: Game is like it always was.


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My team is attacked almost everyday, and I lose anywhere from 100-300 cups. At first I failed at revenges because I wasn’t very good and didn’t really understand the intricacies of the game. But after finding this forum, and learning, I now successfully win around 90% of my revenges/raids.
You cannot expect to hold and maintain cups if you simply refuse to better yourself and your team?
This game appears simple on the surface but there is a lot to consider before going into a raid. Maybe if you post your roster and a few of your battles the smart players here would be able to assist you?


Here’s a record of the visitors that snuck in while I was offline…

Completely agree @PapaHeavy. The cups I lost not a biggie, I started most of that. But revenge is the best source of meat and iron.


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