So the AI is getting smarter? Or playing like a person would?

Sounds like the frustratuon for a lot of people is that as they progress the game gets more challenging, and you’re playing smarter/better and more experienced opponents.

I don’t think that’s unnatural.

It’s like being good at 8th grade math in a small school, then moving on to pre-calc mid-semester at a big school. You’re no longer one of the top students and they’ve been studying it all year.

So you write home to the Forum and tell them the new school is really hard, the new kids aren’t as accepting, the teachers are tougher, and you just want to come home to your comfort blanket.

I guess one of the nice things, though, is that you can! Keep your lineup at 3* or 4* for raids. Keep playing people less experienced than you at those levels. Join a lower level alliance. Titans will be easier. Your War score will improve. Take a back seat on leadership.

I like the game progression. I like competing against the top. So I try to do those things; but you don’t have to.


One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve grown and improved is how the dynamics change as you compete against higher level people and titans. Strategy becomes more important and the nuances of using certain special skills against titans and enemy raid teams goes up tremendously. It forces you to pay attention more and really plan out what you are going to do. Now a bad board is still a bad board regardless of how well you play and we all go through slumps. My last two titans I was top attacker on my team easily doing 30k-40k damage. The current titan I’m sitting at like 5th place only doing 15k damage. It happens unfortunately… and I’ve been there before. In another titan or two I’ll probably be back on top again. It just forces me to really look at my heroes and see what works well together.


@Kayo, I think you hit the nail on the head right here. If you are playing above your level, drop back down into your comfort zone. Start working on higher/stronger heroes and slowly work your way up. Keep in mind that this game is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and your running it with 1 leg.
Just enjoy what you have and accept that there will ALWAYS be players/teams much better than you/yours, or most of us too.

If you are bent on reaching the top 100, understand that many, if not most, of those players have been here for years. Some have spent enough money to pay a mortgage on a house for a year. Others are just unbelievably lucky. (I for one are neither of those and accept my lot. I simply play because I enjoy the game and keep my expectations low)


To be honest i really dont have a problem with the game, you should respond to the OP.
I have just noted some strange/frustrating things and thats it.
Attacking a hero with 2 3 consecutive its not a smarter Ai, just bad programming but hey it seems like not everybody see it that way. So do I have to be glad that now im doing 15K with all the strategy in the world and better heroes while 2 months a go i was going full berskerk on titans and was doing 25k/30k? Ok then.

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Memory is a very fallible tool for keeping track of things like mathematical averages, and it’s unlikely to account for factors like titan colors that your roster is good against vs titan colors that it’s bad against, particularly when mixed with titan star level.

For instance, my roster is killer against blue titans, but pretty crummy against purple. If we have a purple 11* followed by a blue 12*, my average for the two titans will be a lot better than if we have a blue 11* followed by a purple 12*.

The number of samples is also pretty small across 2 months. The mix of where your bad vs good boards fall is unlikely to have evened out statistically across those 60 titans spread across 5 colors and 3 star levels. It would be very easy to have had a run of relatively strong boards a couple of months back that skewed your perception of how well you were doing on average.

Edited to add: the other thing worth noting is that stronger heroes often have longer, more board-obscuring specials. And some of them have minions too. Both of these things can actually hurt your average hit strength.



Burn …, and despite the grammar errors , I do agree with OP. You do have the right to voice your opinion - customer.


I did. Only my first questions were to you. Rest of it was for OP and like-minded individuals.

But, yeah, in regards to your situation, it can be frustrating playing a tougher opponent. I think that kind of ties into what I was saying to OP and others. In this case, for you, that opponent is AI.


Well, it used to be at least a trap tool or worst, a battle manual on titan chest killing 7 * and 8 * titan.
But I was surprised by the most the recent loot for filling a titan chest where a ‘gigantic’ adventure pack was the best loot!
AW chest gives the best 3 * hard wood too!
The game had indeed…changed!


Agreed! You do!

But, if you feel that way, maybe direct your complaint directly to SG, and not to an opinionated forum of other customer, who also have the right to a complaint or opinion.


Then again, it’s just a game. Putting too much expectation or a burning desire to be at the top will caused much rage. Take each pull as it comes. Classic heroes from tc20 could be just as good as hotM.
Then again, I guess, the passion could be a limit to the patience…

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Although there are a lack of specific examples in the OP, certain aspects of the game definitely are getting harder. It has frequently been noted that the top scores in events are trending upwards as players optimize their lineups, item usage, strategies, etc.

Additionally, raids are undeniably getting harder. Though some may point to a not-so-R number generator, the explanation is much simpler: emblems. Even if more powerful heroes weren’t being introduced and even if players weren’t better at building better defensive synergy with more heroes to work with, the increasing presence of +x heroes by itself would make things tougher.

Where I differ from the OP is that I definitely want things to get harder. I enjoy being challenged and look forward to the new buildings, hero skins, and hopefully some new alliance-based challenges.


Is it? If you were the defender, would you take a different approach?

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I win basically all of my raids in diamond arena [well theres a small % of loosing some too with boards completely stuck] and usually go against tougher opponents from 30 cups up. I do in fact try to eliminate the most dangerous element on the field but in 95 % of the cases that target aint a healer unless he is a tank or in different situations where the healer is about to pop off and heal a half dead team. But here im not taking about raids. I’ve seen this thing happening mostly with mobs or bosses especially in the hardest levels on S2. I guess others think differently, to me its just poor programming where you try to make a stage hard but you resort to the most easy and basic strategy, let me cripple the healer and see if he can finish the stage without him.


I have noticed a sort of “stand still effect”, where i’m scoring 15-30k on titans no matter what i do (with a skunk score of 6k here and there when i get a really bad board)…

What i forget is i started getting 15k scores against 5* titans, and i’m now facing a much tougher 11*.

Now the fault could be bad boards or it could be inferior heroes, bad lineup or bad strategy on my part. i know folks in my alliance are cranking out 60-90k shots! So i know it’s possible…but i don’t have their heroes, and maybe i don’t have their skill.

And maybe i would score higher if i was still hitting 5* titans.

The game doesn’t sit still, and I’m glad for the loot of a much higher titan…it’s just my pride that takes a dive when i score so much lower than my alliance mates. :wink:

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@knifewonder incidentally, back in January, before you were having the hits that you considered very good against titans, someone posted this:

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I read a lot of these complaints threads (I admit sometimes for entertainment value) but I wonder. A lot of these threads are started by players who have played the game for a while and have reached a certain level. Perhaps the game has an inherent plateau in it that, once you reach it, causes a slowdown in your progress. You aren’t leveling heroes as fast as you used to, you have a bunch stuck at 3/70 or 3/60 waiting for the next mat drop. You don’t seem to be progressing up the raid cup ladder as much (or at all) as previously when in platinum or gold. You’re hitting the same titans for the same scores over and over. A certain malaise sets in and you blame it on the game. Something must have changed.

Something to think about.


HotM Healers

My personal pet peeve is the lack of Classic 5* healers. Hopefully “skins” will add more healers to Classic 5* heroes.


Actually there is an attack stat soft cap, so I generally get 15-30k on 1* to 8* titans. But I only use 4*+9 heroes and 1* / 2* battle items.

I do use less battle items on my team for 1* titans versus 8* since the 1* titans hit weaker against 4*+9 defense stat.

Most of my teammates who get 60-90k use A LOT of 3* / 4* battle items and fast mana speed 5* HotM.

I am hoping 5* Titan battle items help against rare 5* to 10* titans. But until they are on the live server for 6 months, we will not know if the titan parts drop enough to use on regular titans.

Game doesn't allow you to be a good player!

Classic 5 * heroes are mostly stereo type with no variety in skills but the snipers does made up for it.

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to explain.


I would just like to point out that the only change that has occurred with regards to Hansel and Gretel since their original release was back in June of 2018 when they received what appears to be a minor buff in Update 13: Hansel’s and Gretel’s Spell Slay effect is applied also at the end of the turn if mana is full.

All updates to the game are detailed here on the forums and we try to get them integrated into the wiki’s Updates page asap as well. :slight_smile:

(As a note, “we” is simply a few of us game enthusiasts, in no way shape or form affiliated with SGG aside from enjoying the game that they’ve created.)