The game is getting harder every time after every change and after time you lose the desire to play it! In many ways it’s not fair anymore at all … You messed up the game … And you’ll understand that when you lose a lot of your regular players … GOGGLE is full with a good games and you ruined this wonderful game,now i see only Discontent, not satisfaction in my clan and among other players …I play to have fun and relax, losing constantly in strangely ways i’m losing desire and interest … To buy… to play … Shame on … Pity. Wars… Are Disappointing!Puzzles are impossible!! Raids and Winning are Like CASINO RUBBER! The Heroes is not the same any more and now are weak , slow and not intresting… I don’t see good future on this game!


Yes, this is perfectly normal. :thinking:

20 Characters.


Normal? Which one is normal ?

Sometimes it is good to step away from a game when it becomes a source of stress and frustration. Try to keep in mind that it’s ONLY a game, real life matters, games do not.
If any game has lost its charm and you no longer receive enjoyment from playing, maybe reevaluate why you are playing?

I’ve decide to not let bad rolls, loot, boards bother me. It is what it is. I’ve found it’s much more enjoyable when you don’t expect a fantastic outcome every time. I play only to unwind. I don’t play because I have some crazy vision of being the untouchable top player in the world (I’m so poor I can’t pay attention).
I enjoy the social aspect, fighting titans/wars with my alliance. Figuring out how new heroes fit in to my teams. Working my way through season 2 and farming. Yep, I enjoy farming. I set weird goals for myself when farming, like not using any specials except healers, or buffs, trying to get as many diamonds on the board as possible etc
I hope your frustration doesn’t make you walk away but if you feel that is the best thing, well it’s your decision.

Good luck in the future. May RNGesus smile upon you


I m a Leader and don’t have a choice here… anyway… I don’t have a problem with the game only with the stupid unfair changes that ruined the fun on the game if i won’t to play casino game i will play it. This game now looks like a Casino Rulette!

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What are these unfair changes?
I mean specifics, not “puzzles are hard”

The game plays the same way it always has done. It’s just matching tiles.


As per mantis - please specify


Thanks for the reply! And for the attention! Creators and Developers have to pay attention to the direction of the game and it is not look good! Check the statistics when the game was top and now is not good…Need change but not stupid one. Thanks!

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Like Reids mostly are on roulette principle or luck and It depends on what luck you’ll get on the puzzle and the heroes Changes like Hansel, which I adored playing with now, are useless… and many many things…heros and titans power are Unbalanced


You do realize that, logically, every time you lose, someone else wins, right? I’m pretty sure this is what PvP is in every game. And I’m pretty sure this hasn’t changed in this game since the very beginning. In every battle, there’s a winner and a loser. E&P is no different.

If you and your friends always lose, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Cuz I’m not. And I barely spent money on this game with a 4200 team at the moment. It takes patience and self control.

Maybe it’s not the game for you. You’re right about that part.


Sereusly :)) im playing this game for 1 year and Half. Most of the people are not my friends I’m their Leader… In this game I’m costomer and I have the right to complain! Not to listen someone’sThoughts about which game is for me


Game is just fine for me, thank you for playing.


I agree, there is too much RNG in this game and the odds of pulling something decent from the summon gates are pathetically low. At least on a roulette wheel you have an approx 50% chance of a win / loss. But in this game they want you to pay ridiculous amounts of $$ for gems so you can have a 98.5% chance of losing. THAT’S NEARLY 100%.
Then they want you to enjoy the game?
Nearly everything has been nerfed, Titan’s made harder, chest openings useless garbage. People have heroes they can’t ascend for months & months on end.
And the raid tournaments is like a comedy.
War match ups? Complete crap.
They said they wanted to make ascension items more available to players? Really? Where? Starting boards? Let’s not even go there.
Flash offers costing more than fully paid top of the range PC / Playstation games, what the hell?? This is just a 300mb phone app!


Very well put papa :+1:t3: I feel the same way I’ve been in that position myself and found that not getting angry at the game because of bad loot, losing a war, or a bad raid streak, and as you said not to put extreme expectations on the game results in using my imagination to have a lot more fun. At the end of the day it really is just a game.


I was gonna say leave a toxic clan full with negativity but yea if you are the leader…

  • There is no one forcing you to buy things. tc20 can have your needs covered.
  • WAR can be won if you play as an alliance.
  • Bad boards… well you cant always have everything your way.
  • Loot, well yea I wish they would hand out more rings and scopes but hey there is no rush.

THIS!.. 20 Craters


You realize this isn’t a job, right? It’s a game and if you don’t enjoy it, why play?
As a leader, if I at some point would feel this way, I’d find someone to take over leadership (temporary or permanent, depends on if I’d want to return) and just quit the game (also either permanent/temporary). I sort of did for a while when I went to play a bit more casual in our sister alliance for a bit when my real life was asking too much, one of my co-leaders took over for me.


What I’ve seen lately, and this is not a complain or a post that should belong to the ridiculous complaints thread - its just a thing i noticed during the last weeks - is that my game experience is kinda going backwards instead of going forwards. What I mean is that now I’m at a level where I have a pretty decent team [almost 4k defense] and a good/discrete support behind, but instead of doing better it happens to me that I’m retrograding especially with the titans. A couple of weeks back [maybe 2 months] I was managing to do pretty good damage to titans with pretty much every color even if my best teams were definitely red and green. I was at a point where i was doing 30/40k with a 25000 average maybe on the total hits [without WU]. Now that I have grown even bigger and I have definitely managed to strengthen my team even more and ascended a moderate quantity of heroes to their max I’m really struggling with these titans and lately i’ve started doing numbers that I was doing when I had a 3400 defense team. And is not that the titans have gotten bigger by the time, we’re hitting the same 8*/9*/10* titans.
And it doesnt make sense to me, since on raids I’m doing really well, yeah theres always those boards that are really impossible to unlock and at these levels its pretty much game over if you’re taking too much and your opponent starts firing, but i do manage to win most of my raids [ and most of them are against fully 5* 4/80 teams].


I understand the summons and gems dynamics of the game and that the chances of getting better heroes are very small or ascension items are difficult to come by.
Plus I laugh at the price of the offers that pop up everytime I start the game… These guys must be smoking the really good stuff if they think I am going to pay $30/40/$120/$160 bucks for it.
So thats why I dont spend any money on this game at all.

And because of that I am fine with it. It doesnt bother me that I keep getting the same 3*/4* heroes in the summons (makes you wonder about the randomness but anyway) and TC20.

My beef is with the boards. They make or break a game and imo the current way its designed it breaks the game and thats what frustrates me.
The AI has too much of an advantage. The game needs to be changed so that the AI play with the same board with the same rules.
That is the only way to make it fair.

I agree that the game is becoming more and more difficult to win. I have noticed that in raids I now have to pick matches that gives below 20 points for a win… above that and my chances of winning the games drop drastically. And yes I stay at the same level (around 1800/1900 cups). Despite having a maxed out 4* team with talent points added, I cant do better than that.


Just to add something; another thing i’ve seen that really is frustrating and I’m certain that this code was introduced with the v20 update, is the way the mobs/heroes/bosses attack. They kinda follow a pattern that is really annoying, they start targeting from the beginning a key hero [usually a hero that has a low defense like a debuffer - Grimm, a healer - Melendor and so on] and in general he receives like 2 or 3 consecutive attacks until he’s gone.


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