[Complaint + Solution] Atlantis Portal: Get RID of Season 1 Three-Stars. PLEASE

I have summoned 10 times I got > karil 3*, valen 3*, isshtak 3*, brienne 3*, azar 3*, ulmer 3*, bane 3 x2, balthazar 3 and rigard 4* not a single new 1 and 90% 3*
I will NOT pay for another summons. I have spent OVER $400 and i have one 5*(drake fong) that came as a bonus summon 11 4*s of which 3 are wu kongs and 2 skittleskulls.
I am also guessing I will not get over 1 or 2 to top levels as the ascension materials dont like me.


OH that is a tough draw. Not a single season 2 hero.
My first draw was Kelile, I’ve gotten a bunch of 3* from Atlantis portal. feeling stupid for spending any money at all and feeling like I probably won’t spend for it again, unless some changes are made.

This note definitely rings sour after an otherwise positive user experience in Season 2.

Ok.7 invocatión, 0 new temporade. Why?

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Is uhhhh “backside” really considered offensive?

I’m feeling a little oppressed here.

Can someone help me with my feelings of oppression?

OHHHH MY Fault. It wasn’t on that guy’s backside. I saw it over at SG HQ:

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The snark is strong in this one… reminds me… :slight_smile:

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I hate to perpetuate yet another complaint thread, but this one really has merit. I have all the original 3* I could ever possibly need. At least if they remove them and don’t change the summoning odds, those 3s can be fed to each other to increase the odds of maxing the specials, which is another complaint in general.

My very first summon with those 100 Atlantis coins - Friar Tuck. That was like a kick in the nuts. I would have been totally fine with Chochin, Gil-Ra, or Melia.


Agreed! Either keep it at 300 gems or reduce or remove the chance of 3* season one heroes. 350 gems for a Dawa feels extra insulting.


Thanks… but it is not.

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I can feel your pain, the same thing happened to me. Got 100 coins and what did I get…Friar Tuck…again. I could make nearly a whole team out of this one dude…-_-"

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Honestly, after looking at the new heroes, I wasn’t impressed with most of them. For me, all the 3* are throw aways and several 4* are just average. Where do they fit if I have 16 fully leveled 5*?

I then have to factor the actual chance to pull one of these new heroes that I wouldn’t use then add in the fact that they cost more to draw… at the end, the odds are so extremely low that I will get a hero I want to level.

I think if longer term players see it how I see it, this update will be a monetary bust for the devs. Unfortunately, this game is like an addiction to many people who just want the shiny new toy no matter the cost.


Not gonna lie, I got about halfway through reading replies and skipped to bottom to post my two cents. Appologies if I’m repeating a previous post. I’m still debating if I want to buy a 10 pull, so I was thinking about my odds earlier. I think it would be nice if they had two pools to pull from on summons, 50% chance at OG hero and 50% at new. They could keep the star % the same within each pool but split it so you have 50% chance at random new hero. I think that would be fair since they’re jacking up prices for new heroes but keeping the entire S1 roster in the draw pool.


I love everything about season 2. I cannot praise it enough and that we get to toggle back to season 1. My only sigh, is the atlantis coins should be used for atlantas heros only. Still buy with gems and all and create more atlantian heros. But the new coins should be for new heros only.


Um,… what are you talking about?!

I completely agree that season 1 3* heros should be removed from the Atlantis pool. That, or lower the price to the same as the older season 1 pool.


[quote=“Rohn, post:46, topic:44895”]
New update not only this is my first 10 > karil 3*, valen 3*, isshtak 3*, brienne 3*, azar 3*, ulmer 3*, bane 3 x2, balthazar 3 and rigard 4* not a single new 1
but here is my last 5 another karil 3* graymane 3* another bane 3* nashgar 3* kiril 4 * summons on ATLANTIS ihave 13 3* and 2 4* with NO NEW HEROS!!!
This is utter BS they need to stick all these old 3* heros somewhere (NOT MY ROSTER)


Please for gods sake do us all a favor and stop giving these blood sucking parasites your money

Definitely another vote to eliminate S1 3*'s!

I’m a C2P player who’s been around since last year, has run the VIP package since March, plus purchased many of the cheap gem packages.

Now, I believe that artists should be paid for my enjoyment of their work, and so I have no regrets about having spent the money.

But my will to spend anything more was completely broken by my pulled S1 3*'s.

I understand Gacha & RNG…but games are supposed to be fun & something to look forward to, as well.

Even a few S2 3*'s would have been fun & I would have been fine, because RNG is just that way…but this?

Blah. :cry:


Why do we need to stop at 3*? Since the Atlantis Summons is only 4 days a month, why not have the regular season 1 heroes available through the usual summons and have only season 2 heroes (3*, 4*, and 5* with old HOTM) available with Atlantis Summons?


Excellent analogy @Kerridoc, this is the best way I have ever seen the RNG odds described. Logic then dictates as the season progresses more heros will be added, therefore a higher chance to pull a S2 hero. This, of course is only if SG adds new S2 heros every month. I suspect next roll out with be 2-3 more S2 5* and 2 more HOTM but I wonder if they will add more 3&4* heros.

Anyhow, thank you for speaking out in Beta, against the adding of S1 3* to the Atlantis Summons. Unfortunately, SG obviously didn’t listen to their Beta testers. I am a longtime player and am VERY frustrated to spend more gems for the same heros and a slim chance for new ones. I did 5 individual pulls @1750 gems for 4 Ulmers and a Belith. In S1 summons those same heros would cost 1200 gems. I realize they were trying to structure it like a monthly event, but I believe the mark was missed, perhaps if they kept it the same cost.


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