[Complaint + Solution] Atlantis Portal: Get RID of Season 1 Three-Stars. PLEASE


Complaint: Season 1 3* Frequency is too high in the higher-priced Atlantis portal.

Solution: Lower the chance of Season 1 3*, if not remove them completely.

Reason: We already get a billion of these dudes in Sh13, Sh20, Silver Token, Epic Token, Event Pulls. Tired of seeing them, tired of good money going to waste for weaker, old heroes. Keep the same pull rate for Season 2 3*, fine, I get it. At least they are new.

Extra comments:
Ulmer stalks me. Seriously. The “RNG” has his creepy-eyed stare in my field of vision at least once a day, if not more. Also? I have some very unkind thoughts that I will keep to myself upon pulling Carver from the Atlantis portal. So you want me to save up 100 tokens for another Ulmer? I guess. Spending the 350 gems for it? eehhh… I know some people do it, but I’m really not super-inclined.

Bottom Line: SG is charging MORE for the Atlantis pull for extra chance at new heroes and old HOTM. It “feels” like a better deal if the low-end heroes we get are at least new ones.

Atlantis summons 30x and chests result
Happy with season 2

Yes, this was super disappointing to get such a high chance at old 3* heroes. IMO, they shouldn’t exist in Atlantis portal at all. If the odds of a 3* are going to be so high, at least guarantee it’s the Season 2 batch.


Today was my last expense, Portal Atlantis 1 - Renfield, 1- Kaliany 1- Baltazar. For God’s sake SG I sincerely give up this game


In the same vein, my BFF has watched the carnage of the 30 pulls, including the youtube shot of 28 3*… and declared that he is “going all out” to try for the month where they release Athena who, despite her nerf, is more valuable to him than Isarina.

When I ask him: “what if you get 28 three stars” he replied, simply “I will just feed them to the next hero and they’ll get fat and skill-happy.”
My retort? “You just hate money”

For the rest of us, who actually like our money, however… let’s see a change ALL of the players can get behind.


Believe me, we beta testers were all over this issue on our corner of the forum for the past month. Nothing more likely to leave a sour taste in your mouth than spending 350 gems or 100 hard-earned Atlantis tokens and ending up with Renfeld. Even if they don’t change the odds of getting 3* vs 4* vs 5*, at least give people a new hero on a 3* outcome!


Thank you for your perspective of a Beta tester. I wonder if we can get enough of an outcry consolidated into one place, perhaps SG will make a change?

TO BE CLEAR I am not asking for recompense. Just a move-forward change.

While I have often posted about “reasonable expectations” and praising the "RNG…” and I have gone out of my way to show respect for SG’s all-too-common business model, I feel that this is a bit much.

We already suffer daily from disappointment over our long hours getting our bits and bytes together to churn out another picture worth 3* and nothing else.


Just so everyone’s clear about how summons logic works:

  1. RNG decides what * level to give you. Say, 3% odds for 5*, 12% odds for 4*, 85% odds for 3* (making up numbers)
  2. RNG goes over to the tub of heroes with the matching * level, reaches in, and pulls out your new hero.

We do know that in the hero tub, each Season 2 hero has three copies. So imagine that there are little balls in the tub, each with a hero’s name. In the 3* tub we have one ball with Renfeld, one with Oberon, one with Azar, and so on, but THREE with Melia, three with Gil-Ra, etc. Likewise in the 5* tub we have one ball for Sartana, one for Khagan, etc. but THREE for Misandra and three more for Tarlak.

We do not know how many balls Hel and Perseus have in the 5* tub.

So it’s easy to see that even though the Season 2 heroes are overweighted in the draws, there are many fewer Season 2 heroes than original heroes, so the odds are still higher that, if you get a 5* hero at all, it will be an original hero, like Khagan. Hmm.


If that’s how it works, then they lied. The summon details clearly state that I have a “3.0 chance compared to heroes of the same rarity.” That’s pretty clear that if I did 100 pulls of each rarity, I should expect 75 new and 25 old (on average). It does not say each card is represented three times. It says I have 3x the chance. Mixing many more old heroes in reduces three chance from 3 to something much lower. They are opening themselves up to lawsuits if what you say is true.


To be fair, it says “All Featured AND Season 2 heroes.” That’s like, legal speak for… all of the heroes that are featured in the scroll bar when you are going through the heroes… which include all of the heroes from Season 1, even those 3*


@DJQuixo, that is irrelevant. It says we have a 3 to 1 chance of getting a new hero. But we don’t if what @Kerridoc said is true. Therefore, they lied to us and have opened themselves up to legal issues.


yesssss pllllzzzzzzzzzzzz … tired of bane and all uselesssssss 3star heros :///


Respectfully, 3-to-1 chance of a “featured” hero will include all of the heroes “featured” as you swipe left/right on the atlantis summon. This means that E&P has made it sound as if you have a greater chance at Season 2 heroes, when you really just have a greater chance at the FEATURED HEROES. They could very easily warp the ambiguity to say all heroes are “featured” in the portal as you swipe left/right. They’re not going to kill their cash cow that easily.

The relevance is there.

"All featured AND season 2 heroes have a 3.0x chance when compared to other heroes of the same rarity

To illustrate my point: Perseus, Hel, Misandra and Tarlak are “Featured”.
OF THOSE heroes, you have a greater “chance” at getting THOSE FOUR ONLY, as opposed to other 5*.


then they must add attlantic 3star heros in daily pulls :///


I don’t mind the separation, in fact, I am calling for it in this very post. I think that an Atlantis portal needs to contain only Season 2 heroes. Even if they jack the price up to 400 gems/per. Yes, I said it. But, whatever? I just want to keep the stuff separate.

I appreciate the dialogue, because it highlights discontent in even the most reasoned people. Additionally, the confusion of their wording is not lost on me. I first read it like 3x the chance at only Season 2 heroes. But, as @Kerridoc said, the number of ‘balls’ available may be more for the season 2 heroes, but there are vastly greater numbers of season 1 heroes, which makes it even harder to obtain season 2 heroes.

I’m very well aware of the concept of scarcity driving up demand. Basic economics. Another term I am quite familiar with is sunk cost which pretty much states that, once I start feeling that my investment is no longer valuable to me, I should walk away without fretting over the money already spent.

When I do leave, I will just ghost, because anything further would be a waste of energy. When the game goes silent (and they all do, eventually), then they will just make another game and start the process again, like other developers.

Other games developers that have done similar things and frustrated their players? Zombie Jombie, Rage of Bahamut and many others. Similar concepts. Card games that involved battles, required enhancements/evolutions, gems for more cards/faster upgrades.

It is my hope that, since the company is small and appears to (on some level) respond favorably to user uproar and feedback, that I can MAYBE get a word in edgewise and see if they make a change.


Atlantis loves me, got Bane, Prisca, and Skittleskull today…immediately feeded them away to forget that sh…t.


That would be a tortured way of reading the text though, no? If they are all featured, then I have 100% odds. So 3x wouldn’t make any sense then.


The ratios are:
3*: 24 old to 6 new
4*: 22 old to 9 new
5*: 20 old to 4 new (counting old HotM)

Tripling the new cards gives:
3*: 4:3 odds against new
4*: 22:27 for new
5*: 5:3 against new

That is hardly the 3:1 ratio they promised in the details. Again, assuming that what @Kerridoc said is true.

Edit: @Petri, can you confirm whether the odds are 3:1 of getting a S2 hero or whether the S2 cards are only tripled? This is a very important detail and I think it’s fair to inform us because you guys offered the 3x number to begin with and we’re all confused.

Atlantis summon monthy?
Atlantis summon monthy?

Its all for me, i dont think i back to buy nothing, i waith for them to publish the true probability of the summons, if SG publish the probability of the summons the player can take the decition if he buy or not gems, but i stop buy and summond blind probabilities.


Killjoys Death Dealers agree get rid of the first season Hero’s in Atlantis draws


I also agree with @DJQuixo. Eliminate the old three stars at least if not all old heroes. Or at least make the odds truly 3:1.