Compilation of ideas since playing this game

Hi everyone!

I have been playing for about 6 months now and I have been writing down notes that I have had that I wish could either be improved or added to the game and I would love to share them here :smiley:

  • I have always had this urge, similar to pokemon, to collect all the heroes rather than creating the strongest team possible. I wish there was a “pokedex” of heroes to see which one you have gained at some point and which ones you have never had. I always get sad when I use a hero to feed because I don’t know the next time I will ever get that hero again. I want an area to document all the heroes I have had.

  • Can we the opportunity to battle alliance members just for fun? Practice out new teams and work together to make a better alliance?

  • I want to be able to watch war battles! I like rooting on my teammates and I want to see their battles!

  • I think alliances should get an extra point or an extra reward if they manage to take out every team in a war. At the moment, all that happens is that all teams get reset. Taking out every team is a hard feat to do, so I think an extra point/reward should be gained for accomplishing that.

  • The entire summon system needs to be redone. We spend SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY for what? a 1% chance to get a 5* hero? That is completely BS! There needs to be more opportunities to gain epic tokens (really will it be that impactful to the metagame if more epic tokens were handed out? With the terrible odds, very very very very few people will get a 5* anyway?). The percentages need to be adjusted to be worth the time and money.

  • Does a summon token excite anyone? NOOOOOO! Why? Because there is absolutely nothing interesting except for maybe one more hero to feed. There is no excitement whatsoever in using a summon token. Why cant you include 4*/5* heroes in a summon token (while actually making those percentages very very small) just so you can have the slight glimpse of hope and excitement of using a summon token. Even if it was only a 0.5% chance of getting a 4*/5* hero, I would atleast be a little hopeful when using a summon token. As it is now, I don’t think twice about summon tokens as they are just boring.

  • Quests with a story in which the final prize for winning the last stage is winning the hero that was the final boss. Once again, I like to have a bit of a pokemon mindset with this game, and I like the idea of being able to randomly finding heroes in the wild and by winning over a hero by defeating them in a quest and having them join my team.

  • Can we have the opportunity to craft ascension items?!?! It is so hard to find ascension materials, can we have a way to make ascensions items. The materials to make it could still be difficult to obtain but atleast there is another way to try and obtain the item.

**** WE NEED A NEW BUILDING: Gem Vault/Bank. How many times have you had a full ham/iron bar and had absolutely nowhere to spend it so it just sits there? What if you could trade in a large about of ham/iron for some gems. Like, trade in 100k ham for 5 gems.

  • Lastly, trainer heroes are purely for feeding purposes and thats it. Fair. But what if, to kind of create a storyline/backstory for all the trainer heroes, there was a 5* trainer hero that was not supposed to be used as food but was an actual viable hero. Like, they could be named the Ultimate Trainer or Trainer Teacher or something and they had the minion special ability and some other cool move because there backstory is that they create all the trainer heroes that are used in the game?

If you have read this far, thank you so much for reading through all the ideas that I have had while playing this game :smiley:

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