Competitive Ideas



I have many ideas for the game, but the one that most haunts me in the head right now is this one. Different levels of heroes chests according to your number of trophies. As you raise your trophies it becomes much harder to win, the rivals are tougher, and this is not rewarded in any way, that’s why you find many people who put defensive teams of very low level, then get revenge and not spend food to look for and also because they do not care about losing glasses since it is not rewarded. Also, it would be another way to get those objects that cost us so much. Summary: different levels of chests of heroes based on the trophies you have


excellent idea!
The same thing was suggested in another thread, but I cannot find it off the top of my head.


Similar to idea of mine:
Raids could be a two tier system. Pretend there are 12 raid points. Now that would mean 2pts to fight. Instead, 2pts would be a much lower risk/ reward system with tighter matching btween teams. 3pts would have higher reward and be against tougher teams.