Competition: Most active stacked buffs

What’s the most buffs stacked. I recently got nine.
Anyone best this?


Challenge accepted… Didnt count yet, but think about 9 or even more has been reached. Sometimes i can barely see the faces of my heroes anymore. But i will see what the max i can reach is and post a screenshot :slight_smile:

Ok, seems that 14 buffs is the highest I can reach with my heroes. And 16 status effects in total… Which also seems to be the cap.



Mine is not that huge but i want to join too


I can’t recall who, but someone in Beta actually managed to overflow the character card with buffs and freeze the game :thinking:

I’m assuming that the value you just found (16 as cap) was probably implemented to prevent the above


Could be. I was only assuming it is the cap though, as there are four status effects per culumn and no space for another culumn. But I didn’t had the chance to really test it cause there was no option any hero could get more than 16 status effects in that scenario. But I will try to test it later…

@DaveCozy Iv seen something like this before some one come up with the most possible at one time. Maybe before season 3 hero’s i recall it involves bosswolf in the team, it was up to 19 I think :thinking:
But nice @diesdas .


14 buffs :smile: you win.!

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