Competition is healthy for Small Giant

I think i read about skins to upgrade abilities of currently useless heroes with gems.
Seems like a good idea and hope it goes forward

mystic vision: more often now but offering 1 gem + 1 small health potion lol, +50% to chances to get an epic token - 100% doubt it :slight_smile:
torunaments and elemental chests: silver tokens, haven’t seen a golden one in months (Sand Empire doesn’t count), maybe my lvl is too high (60+) and that’s the punishment for not being p2w player

They stated that they halved the MV loot, but make it 8 hours cooldown = 3 times a day, so basically it’s +50% to the chance. But the actual chance of getting an epic token is quite low.

That’s one possibility. Another is to introduce new restrictions in raids/war.

Just an example - what you think of the war, but only with 3* heroes? Or war without Wizard and Cleric classes? Wars without red color? Raids, but only with Barbarians and Fighters?

Raids without special skills, raids with only 3 heroes (tank and wings, with noone in the flanks).

Wars without dispell?

How about special raid mode, where you can choose your enemy, and get some random restrictions like in raid tournaments for your attacking team, and increased loot rewards (ham/iron/cups)?

The possibilities are limitless.

Yes, it is probably what we would test in the next beta.

We are quite jumping from one thing to another without end anything.

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Thanks for your feedback. It will receive all warranted review.

He is already aware

So no further to do for me :wink:


i would love to have every day 3* 4* many heroes too little flags

I’m thinking that possibly this selfishness is more “I paid 1000’s of $ for my heroes, why should someone else get them for less?”
See the issue with your way of thinking @arios is players DO get top heroes for much less, because they are LUCKY!! So forgive me for saying but your comment of “selfishness” is way out of line.


my time game is 90 % on the new game, 10 % E&P. Now E&P only titans and events, on the map only 19.9 short and quikly. Raids and wars are too unbalanced


Totally agree rigs,
I for example playing for 1 year and a c2p player, every day, did probably 500 hero pulls from all kind (atlantiscoins, hero tokens ext) and still have 0 hotm and only 2 unique heroes. All the rest are from my 3 tc20 that work 24/7 to try and get a none shity heroes.
Now that just makes me hate this game for my bad luck. When i got those 2 unique heroes i almost fainted (there is a thread in the forum with the video)
Now dont SG want us the C2p players have a something also? Cuz right now it looks like they only care about thier pockets.
In different games i played there was alwayes in every update a section that was with the improvment they done cuz of the community feedbacks. Here all the major complain threads with smart improvments alwayes have the silence treatments from devs. Therefore i dont believe they actually care. Way back they toke from all the f2p players thier hopes for good heroes when they deleted the chance to get hotm from silver coins cuz it hurts thier fat pockets. Unfortunately i started playing after this update.


They can do any and all of that with raids but I believe there must be one place for all players to be able to use their full roster. Considering we already can only use each hero once, introducing new (more) restrictions in Wars would be a mistake imo. Although I, personally, think that would be fun, you have to consider the newer players struggling to put together 6 teams as it is…it would be a shame to see 20-25% of the player base opt out due to the inability to compete, perhaps for months. Even with raids, now that I think about it, there would need to be a new form of matchmaking or the the ability to Choose which restrictions you would like to raid with to prevent newer players from being simply unable to compete at all due to lack of bench depth. I love those ideas and possibilities but it would need to be carefully implemented.

yeah it selfishness , when you cannot accept reality of your RNG and start blame other who luckier than you then question-ing SG about their mechanic for changes. its simple rule actually at least for me , dont spend if you are not afford to lose it.

@arios, I’ve read a lot of your comments on multiple threads and I’ve gotta say, not every suggestion is about poor people that can’t drop a lot of money on a game. Lol, every single comment you make goes right to that and, although I’m sure it feeds your ego in some way to be so condescending, it doesn’t always even apply to the conversation and it certainly doesn’t have any chance of changing or improving anything in this game. And yes, believe it or not, there is room for improvement. I do see your point and even agree with you (as much as it hurts me to say that) in some cases but I don’t believe this to be one of them.

That being said, those that spend a small fortune and those that spend nothing have both experienced the frustration of “God must not want me to have X hero” after a ridiculous # of pulls, to no avail. I think some feature that allows you to accumulate a currently nonexistent “item”, albeit very slowly, and choose a hero-Any hero- after the year or so it takes to accumulate said item, would be a very cool addition to the game that Everyone, p2p or f2p, would appreciate and certainly wouldn’t “break” the game.


@arios, I think you just changed your original statement around a bit? Not my point at all.
I’ll just chalk this one up to the language barrier and go on with my morning. Good day!!




Nothing is guaranteed for the long term loyal sloggers

Just as I was reading the post, here’s what I got from MV 5 minutes ago:

Previous was 1 gem and 1 axe.


I do believe SG listens to our feedback. It’s just that it takes a long time for them to implement any change, and understandably so.

I do not know how many players E&P has, but the number must be in the hundreds of thousands; and every one has his/her own feedback/vision/grievances for the game. So obviously E&P cannot act on all of them. Even for the ones SG will act on, they must carefully consider their impact and practicality. They have to make sure whatever change they implement would not disrupt the current system and balance. I can imagine for each change, there will be a lot of meetings, discussions, debates, revisions, testings… etc. And they also have to think about whether this change will bring more players. After all, SG is a business and they need to generate a profit. Otherwise this game would be dead.

So yea, SG is definitely listening (I believe/think/hope). It’s just that they cannot act fast enough to meet our satisfactions.


According to another thread …

Empire & Puzzles has 1.5 million active players :grin:


Thanks! Looks like I underestimated the game’s popularity haha

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