Competition is healthy for Small Giant

Argue is good , its brainstorming help each other to open their minds , its not bad actually and i always did it in reallife too , the bad part when some1 too push their opinion even its wrong , could be me or others , i never want to say im always correct, yeah sometimes happened. cheers for your concern

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Let’s drink a beer together and get along again. OK? :hugs::hugs::hugs:
@arios @Rigs

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Lol sure

Any thoughts on what frenzy wrote in his opening post above?

To be hostest I play that game atm. And there are some things they really do better. I will not leave E&P beause of this game but I think it is good to give SG somekind of a mirror to show them that there might be another path to chose. I am not a lawyer so i have no idea if it is legal or not but I apprechiate this fresh wind in the game. Just a little thing I really like: you can contact the support directly via a chat from game and in deed you really get feedback and thanks personally! This is what I miss a bit during beta testing. Not much feedback. When the lodge went online without any comment from SG on our concerns in beta I was a bit upset.


Yes communication could use improvement for sure. Think it’s getting better with baby steps though


You also get a chest for completing each region, in case you didn’t know :grinning:


So @FrenziedEye i feel i derailed the crap out of this thread

Any direction you wanna take to get it back on course?


I am confused by your title. What are you attempting to discuss in this topic?


Yes, and as there is a common knowledge that some heroes are better than others for war/raid defense teams. That means eventually the defense teams will get the best heroes and variety is killed this way.

That’s true, but that’s another problem (called power creep). In order to replace the best hero in the team, you need even better hero. The way they do it now is by improving mana speed, giving 4* skill specials to 5* and by plain buffing the stats. When they do it, people are complaining that their old heroes are obsolete (Seshat > Thoth, for example).

If they don’t do it, people are complaining that heroes are weak (see Anzogh and Margaret).

That would be power creep, seen by someone as bad.

I’d call it “more boring” if everyone has a Kage. I’d prefer fighting against Quintus. I think boredom is what drives people away from the game, so in some way, it’s “gamebreaking”.

I’d like to see more diversity. I like the talent grid idea, but it can be more diverse. More conditional nodes, ability to replace talent node with a stat node and vice versa. For example, what if you could trade a talent node with any other same-priced stat node? Having less chances to respawn for your fighter, but more defence/attack/health? Or increase the chance for respawn, but sacrifice some stat node for that.

It needn’t increase by that much, even if it’s 1 extra epic token per month or two months I’d be happy.

But even if it was increased to that much I don’t think it would skew the hero distribution such that 'everyone would have the same heroes ’

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What about tournaments? Aren’t they the recently added additional source of epic tokens?
What about reducing cooldown of mystic vision? Of course you watch 3 times more ads, but you have +50% to chances to get an epic token :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, i always think “competition” is healthy, at least for the customer.

When you have only one seller of a specific product (in this case a good match 3 rpg game without marble/chibis characters) you have no choice.
Buy from them, or not buy it at all.

Once they reach a good enough player base, they started to take advantage of that.
No one think that gems value are somewhat cheap, and they introduced little by little new key elements, that you can aquired pretty much only with gems (sometimes, a really huge amount of it).

Chance of a HotM are 1%. So at average people need 100 summons, and that’s pretty much 300 €/$
You can be lucky once or two, but if you want them all that’s the kind of investment you have to expect.

By all means it is not cheap, but if you don’t have any other people making you a better offer, you can pretty much do whatever you want, as long as you figure out what’s people are ready to spend.
They do exactly what every healthy company would try to do: maximise incomes.

Like selling apples for 50 $/€.
If no one else sell them and people still want to buy them, they complain, sure, but at the end of the day buy.

Having multiple similar games can only end in 2 ways:

  • first: they agree to not steal customer to each other. All of them make the same kind of offers and prices, so they try to equally divide the market, get a little less, but without problems.

  • second: they try to steal the market and offer better prices/better services. In that case all the others (if they see it works) take action and do the same thing/try to make something new.

The second scenario is actually what customers benefits more, and that could happen only if you have competitors.


So basically others should get stuck for eternity with bad heros to keep you entertained?

I know that’s probably not what you meant but definitely the way i just interpreted it

And wouldnt newer players that haven’t accumulated a kage or whatever still be using a random quintus u enjoy finding?


There is another game which is a clone of E&P. This is the competition for SG


While that’s true, I’ve yet to get a epic hero token in tourneys outside of the maybe the very first 1. And the only tourneys i dont hit 1% are the 3* tourneys.

Mystic vision doesnt treat me well at all. Others show off ascension mats, i show off 2 gems and a health potion

So idk if either of those sources were a huge improvement to the situation

But I’m 1 guy and RnG is RnG. Would certainly take more than just my luck to prove anything



While indirect discussion of a clone might be helpful, It is unlikely to gain traction with you actual target audience, the DEVS.

Legal is VERY strict on information exposure during ongoing legal proceedings.

Literally hinting at a clone guarantees this topic will not make it past Petri ( hands Petri a mug of artisanal drinking chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles).

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To clarify, they should get stuck with variety of heroes, and everyone should have an ability to make a “bad hero” better to make me entertained. There should be conditions where Kadilen performs better than Zeline, and Khagan performs better than Gravemaker.

BTW that’s why I actually enjoy tournaments, especially when all specials are set to very fast.

I want them to use a Quintus even if they have accumulated a kage :wink:

Here’s the screenshot from some other thread:

Well, you’ll get lucky eventually. Don’t stop believing!

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So basically all heros are great, no one should want better heros, tourney loot is underrated since a few get good stuff, and mv is a wonderful source of new heros??

Idk. Not sure I’d agree with that analysis but I’m out of time before work so… Will revisit later


Some members seem to frequently troll and can appear routinely sanctimonious and off topic.

The pull rates are low and it keeps almost all types of players on a more level playing field. Few players can afford to drop 2k a month on this game, so most of us have variable lineups.

Those that can drop unlimited cash on the game are funding its development for the rest of us. If they couldn’t get something rare and have slightly more powerful teams, they’d go elsewhere

I lack most of the very top heroes and can get to #1 globally and sit comfortably in diamond. What’s the big deal if I don’t have Kage or Gravy or Guin or Zeline? I’m competitive with Sartana and Lianna.

Some forum participants may have been around a long time, but their style of posting is the pixelated digital equivalent to toxic masculinity, and it was a mistake to allow it to continue unabated so long.

Obnoxious, boring, non-constructive, self-important, entitled hogwash. It’s not the game that sucks because it is rigged, it’s the forum.


Lol guess you didnt have the nerve to block me?

Anyways sure the game is perfect and needs no improvement, not sure what devs are doing with all their spare time in that case cause there shouldnt be anything else to do

And yes the forum you visit every day is crap but keeps you coming back because…???


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