Competition is healthy for Small Giant

Anyways if in my mission log i could see something similar to the avatar missions.

“Collect x amount of this tidbit to acquire x hero”

Even if it took me a year to obtain that hero, it would still be better than “summons or do without forever”

Within a year of release most p2w players have x hero anyways and already summoning the newest ones. So not like it would automatically put f2p on par. And most that spend dont want to wait a year to claim a certain hero.

So just my thoughts on it. I think it would work well for both parties. Let f2p have something to grind for, let p2w have a backup plan for summons frustrations.

All food for thought though and probably straying away from @FrenziedEye original point

With the masses of new heros out in the past year, the old “you must rely on .01% to get that hero you want” i think has just run its course for being the sole provider of newly released heros. So idk what implementation would ultimately help without screwin sg or favoring 1 side of the playerbase while leaving out the other. I just feel the improvement of some kind is overdue


There’s a thread for it. The hero is quite situational. Sartana would be better.

Have you played against Thorne recently? He is not a bottom of the barrel anymore.

Have both of them, I’m not an early player, but Kadilen for me is more useful as protection against specials and she actually deals damage. 3-turn effect duration for Margaret is just laughable.

Musashi doesn’t have any HoT, his tile heals are good only against weak enemies and/or when used in yellow stack, and the buff can be dispelled. Elkanen gives instant healing (cannot be dispelled), has better synergy with Evelyn, and Musashi has less synergy with Jackal.

I’m not saying that one hero is better or worse. My point is that situational regular heroes can be compared with situational non-regular, and there is no universal rule that non-regular heroes are better than regular. It all depends on other team members, your board controlling skills and luck.


There is some truth to this @damirius

However judging from all the questions on the forum eg Should I ascend Horghall or Alby; or Quintus or Kunchen it’s not that straightforward

Having a hero and knowing how to use the hero are two very different things and everyone is not at the same strategy level.

You can have all the heroes but still lose to a bunch of 4*

You can still have fun with raids if you know how to strategise, even if you have all the heroes


F2p also has same chance to get HOTM / Atlantis by keep their gem
F2p also get Trial even 2x every weeks , Rare quest twice every months
F2p also enter RaidT for Free and able to get 30 Emblem . *4 with same chance as C2P/P2P

Till now , there is not Exclusive Event for C2P/P2P only , every players get same chance and benefit. so i wonder , whats the problem ?

Not saying i agree with any of your above analysis but we are straying off topic

The gem drops are weak

If it takes me oh say a minimum of 10k gems per month to acquire a newer 5*(not counting base 5s and 10k gems is rough estimate by watching a lot of people’s regular minimum spend amounts) then how long do you think it takes for a f2p to acquire 10k gems?

For you, there is no problem. You’ve made that clear before. “Me and my buddies just dump a thousand dollars for a hero, if we dont get it then we dump another thousand” or whatever it was you originally said along those lines that shows you have no perspective of the other side of the playerbase.

There are some players that are f2p for 2+ years without a single hotm to show you an idea of the problem and how much harder it is for them to just get great heros on .01% odds than it is regular spenders…

I know some personally so yes that situation does exist and it truly shouldn’t. No real reason for it.

Trials and quests don’t get you new heros = irrelevant
Raid tournaments dont get you new heros = irrelevant

As far as events, how many f2p do you know who have cracked the top 10 or top 100 in events? I can think of 2 that i know and it takes them a ton of stockpiling for months to do it but yes doable. So if you want to say challenge events are f2p friendly… I’d have to say theoretically sure but in practice not really. Which you have to hit #1 for a guaranteed new hero so again irrelevant due to no one hitting #1 for free these days idc what they stock


I’m playing at cups level 2500-2700, and most of the raid defense teams I see are very, very similar and repetitive. I just skip them and try to find something interesting. Couldn’t care less about fighting another Guin/GM/Santa/Kunchen/Aegir -centered teams. I don’t want those heroes to be more accessible, that would completely kill the joy from raiding/wars. That’s my experience, and you can find it relatable or not.

So am I. Yes it’s true and can relate. But I think we could be discussing slightly different things.

I don’t want pull odds to necessarily increase. I want more opportunities for hero tokens though and gems. There is a slight but significant difference


sorry man , world is not easy like you think , you just lived in your own mind and world but sorry it wont work in real life , there is no free lunch , try setup your own company and you will know what i mean.

if you want more benefit then find job , earned your $$$ and spend it. if you think this game is not worthed to spend , then just play F2P , dont poison others with your false-mind.

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Those heros are going to be more accesible one way or the other due to the rotational availability. New hero releases will take some of their places in defense teams as the ideal defense team compositions have been changing regularly for the past 2 years and will continue to do so

So basically what you’re saying is that as spenders replace kage in defense with a dark 5* in 2020, it would be gamebreaking if at the same time other players are replacing quintus with a kage 1 year+ after his release?


Not askin for a free lunch lol thanks for conceding


SGG and Zynga are big enough to think everything , what you accussed is nonsense and just selfishness.

they are big companies and you ? who are you ? cmon , proof something before you talk big

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Talk big about?

I’m just a customer using a product and providing feedback that i think would improve the product for myself and others

So either be civil and have a constructive discussion about the OP or mute the thread and move on…

If you think SG has thought of everything from day 1 without any help from the feedback of players, i suggest going all the way back to threads from 2017 in this forum and do some reading…


Talked about how much you understand about this game and companies , but sorry to say , from what i read you understand nothing , your concern just selfishness not about how company can grow and deliver something better. you lived in your small ponds , well no more words from me , good luck for you

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I understand the game and the company well enough lol

My selfishness? What above have i posted that was self centered?

And in what way do you think i was trying to jeopardize the financial gains of the company?

Ugh straying off topic again but that post made me chuckle so definitely curious on how bad you misinterpreted anything i wrote above(also i believe the whole intent of this thread and my responses have been about how the company can grow and do better based on player feedback and the offerings of populating competitors we are seeing more and more of, soooo guess take another stab at the trash talk or get back to topic?)


More hero tokens and gems = more pulls = more heroes and more chances to get unregular 5* = more summoned unregular 5*. Essentially it’s the same.

For example, if probability of getting the hero token is increased by 100%, basically you’ll have twice more pulls, and the probability of getting a 5* out of 2 pulls with 1.5% chance is 2.98%, so it’s the same as increasing probability of 5* for one pull to 2.98%.

Same thing with increasing gems gains.

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