Competition is healthy for Small Giant

I agree with all of this :+1: Couldnt have said it better myself.


That’s a very good analysis. Thank you!

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Indeed it is, legal talk is very sly, I am chuckling remembering some anti septic soaps that guarantee to kill 99% of germs and bacteria. That 0.1% avoids all kinds of legsl problems


How about all the DOTA clones out there. Same playstyle, same 3D perspective, different heroes, zero copyright legal battles.

Legal and moral stuff aside, I hope this new game inspires another thousand E&P clones to make their own heroes (so the price of gems lowers, lol).


Man, every normal match-3 game is more or less the same with similar rules.
Match 3 is normal, match 4 for special, match 5 for super special, match all for A-bomb. Clear the field and you win… go to next level.


I would like to remind everyone that discussing other than the game (Empires & Puzzles) related topics is not allowed per Forum Rules. This includes discussing other games.


Is now allowed autocowreck/ typo or worded as intended?


Thanks, corrected (not being the right answer).


No prob, Boss! (@Petri)



All of your comments dude. Seriously! Stealing ALL of my liKes.EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.:rofl:


I watch a youtube video for one of them - ironically, the game was brought to my attention by a mystic vision video :rofl:
so I googled it and watched a youtube video - it is more than just same playstyle and 3d perspective, it is the same game with different visuals. looks like the source code got leaked and people of lesser moral fortitude are trying to capitalize on EnP’s success.

Yes- when you have large companies it takes time to answer so many requests. I dont really have any issues with EnP except I wish the odds for getting heroes in summons were slighly increased lol.

Were the initials for that game P. C.? If so it is a game released by SGG. I once watched the ad 21 times in a row through Mystic Vision. It looks like E&P reworked for the G.I. Joe fans.

Well, actually it was presented to me 21 times in a row. I watched the first couple seconds 21 times.

no, the first word is that of a famous pen and paper game where you play on 10x10 field and shoot each other’s ships :wink:
the second word is the same - puzzles. google for that adding mobile game and watch the youtube video and you will see what I mean.

Ah, well I guess SGG really don’t have much control over what Google choose to use as an ad.

well, I remember I had EnP a few times. it was bizarre. they also had a bigger board in there, it had like 7 or more rows.

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I totally disagree actually I’m getting bored with the time crunch and the minuscule increase in production for everything. I’m going on idk maybe 2 years playing this game including my wife and in a decent alliance killing 9-10 titans.ive been waiting for 1 dart for 2 months so I can level my 6th 5 star but yet I have 13 books of tactics 25 orbs 30 strurdy shields and a horde of other items plenty of 4 stars ready to be ascended but I have another problem 2 pairs of fine gloves this game forces everyone to pay at least I small amount of money but yes the stupid ascension packs never give u jack because they added lower tier ascension items to them after small giant sold to zynga this game is fading fast I’m almost on my way out sadly I loved this game now when I play it I get frustrated because what I need doesn’t drop tiles don’t come and the luster has stopped glowing

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Not sure which aspect you disagree with but the short summary of my OP is that Small Giant have the power and prestige to make this game out-match others (eg by making it better for FTP) but whether they carry it out is another thing altogether.

I get tired of the grind too on some days to be honest


The game has turned into a boring GRIND FEST with junk loot everywhere you turn & nothing to look forward to. Everthing is just a gamble fest with microscopic odds to kill any fun you might expect to have.


İt’s difficult enough to get the 5* heroes you want. Why make it even MORE difficult to level them up already. How can ppl hold on to heroes for HALF A YEAR & still not be able to fully level them??


I totally agree like I said this game life cycle is hitting a wall I was a daily player now I could care less honestly pretty dam sad actually zynga has destroyed this game…


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