Competition is healthy for Small Giant

For a long time Empires and Puzzles has stayed ahead of the match 3 RPG game industry - - - and still likely will for a long time.

All I want to say is, Small Giant can EASILY retain its position at the top of the pack to the exclusion of all rivals (whoever they may be and however low they may stoop) so long as it listens to its fan base by introducing more ways for the average joe to pull better heroes and get mats, be it through shards or some of the other great ideas or mechanisms offered.

It really shouldn’t matter who or what comes along.

Small Giant has nothing to fear. They have got this and will remain the best in the field so long as they listen.

But will Small Giant listen? There is a loud banging on the door at the moment, can they hear it? I don’t know. I hope so.

That’s all I want to say.


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They wont listen, unless it is the sound of a bag of gold coin :wink:


I 100% agree and i do believe they will listen

I think if they weren’t listening then raid tourneys would have kept the entry fee, alchemy lab would be out already, and hero academy wouldnt be recieving the careful planning i think it is

Not trying to sound like a cheerleader

But do believe they have done some things in recent months to show more interest in listening more to customer feedback and more directly than in the past

Raid tourneys are of course heavily broken but i think they will fix that in due time, they just have too many flapjacks on the griddle at the moment.

To me it seems like they made all these development plans of new implementations ahead of time and didnt take into account of things goin bad when setting up the time frames… Which is nothing new from this development team, run before they walk on many things but i do feel it’s improving, just slower than we’d like which patience isn’t something anyone is fond of in this instareward day in age


I guess every SGG decision must be approved by Zynga, so…


According to SG, that’s not the case
They work as their own unit

The things described in the OP are not new issues. They were around preZynga


I still think there’s no rivalry at all, they just packed the best ideas gathered here and make a different version of the same game with another alias.

Yes, i see conspiracy everywhere :face_with_monocle:


Not that i agree that’s what is happening but it did make me chuckle so had to hit the like button

They were upfront about puzzles & combat when they were going to release it

So doesnt give me reason to think they wouldnt add claim to these other knockoffs(that actually look more appealing then puzzles and combat in my opinion) if they had involvement in the creations


If everyone can pull better heroes more easily, what is the point of the game then? Everyone will eventually get all the best heroes and their roster will be completely identical. You’ll all be fighting the same teams in raids, get bored and quit. Variety is a spice of life.


What have you done with the real Rigs??


Not necessarily

What many have suggested isn’t insta hero rewards(at least the suggestions the OP refers to)

But some way of grinding for heros outside of dumpin cash for summons and disappointment

The game needs more reward in the grind. Right now the reward is leveling up more heros but not necessarily obtaining heros

Sure u have AR, but how much can f2p/c2p truly gain from that in terms of coins or gems?


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He ran out of Jack Daniel’s and ended up having to get drunk on wine coolers. The alliance says it makes him more palatable to the public, but I find nice/even-keeled Rigs unsettling. It’s like, “gimme back that gruff ol grouch we’ve all come to know and love”, you know?

And DON’T get me started on tequila Rigs…


Training camps lvl 20 are good for obtaining regular heroes. I’ll be fine if they add a small chance of getting non-regular heroes out if it as well.


As all threads about this other game (I don’t want to mention the name) were closed instantly I just want to say that in your last thread there was a mistake. You get the box full by raiding 5 times not winning. It is enough just to have the fight :wink:

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Those are viable for about the first year of gameplay. And for some even less than that

And do you really want to compare heros like kadilen, horghall, elkanen, thorne, etc to heros like tarlak, kageburado, mitsuko, panther, etc?

Even with the emblem system. The tc20 5s are not all that comparable to paywall 5s on titans. They may get you by in pvp. But in titans they just won’t. No 5* attack buffers. 1 5* defense dropper. Etc

Anyways after the first sentence i started rambling but yea even a small % to get better heros from tc20 would be an improvement

But i still think somethin along the lines of:
You need x amount of this item to claim this hero and make the pieces about as relative to emblem drops

Sure sounds like crap now as with emblems the last time someone did the math it would take 14 months to node 20 a 5*. But 14 months from now this system would relieve a lot of frustration from both sides of the coin that keep bangin their heads on the wall trying to acquire new heros


Wow! Thanks for the tip…

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yeah, competition is healthy, they got too greedy :frowning:


Sure, you can compare Kadilen to Margaret, Thorne to Thoth Amun, Elkanen to Musashi, Horghall to Atomos.

This can be fixed if they add more regular 5* (or downcast some HoTM to regular). This would be much more interesting than increasing summon probabilities/ascension mat chances.


I’m all for this too. Great solution


Thoth fast mana and summons minions
He’s not a great hotm but not as bottom of the barrel in a whole list of 5s as thorne

Margaret is more useful than kadilen, just not for early players

Musashi self heals with HoT, does decent damage with a tile damage at 783(i think off the top of my head) which is a better design than elkanen

The horghall vs atomos, yea you got me there. Both of those shouldn’t have even seen release