I believe we are all due some compensation in regards to the amount of errors, loading issues and shut downs of the app experienced in the last few days. I have had to wait for 345 loading snipbits each time I have logged in and not only have I missed crucial time with titans and during wars it has also disrupted my teams progression and collection of gems, food and iron. I think every player should be considered for a certain amount of compensation that is level to their hours played compared to when they started playing. There hasnt even been an apology in regards to the excessive bugs this week, I appreciate that every app must grow and with growth comes problems. But you must keep your loyal players happy whilst trying to expand! I think most players will agree that it has not been a fair game recently and the amount of time and effort I have put into this game has been overlooked in my opinion, considering no apologies or remuneration for wasted time and energy has been received…

You mean like a second apology and compensation on top of the apology and compensation we got a few days ago?


Ik heb dit item aangekocht … Maar niets gekregen … Gelieve dit aan te passen thx

You screenshot suggests you never made the purchase since the offer is still available to you. I would forward your recipe to support if you have one.