Compensation when nerfing


Hey everyone,

I’ll start off with saying that this is not a topic for discussing nerfing in general. I have a strong opinion on that matter and especially on the nerfing of stacking effects, but that should be discussed somewhere else :slight_smile:

What I would like to propose however, is that players get one of those flask packs after their heroes get nerfed. This is partially for compensation (some heroes are rendered less effective and you have pumped time and resources into them), partially to enable you to figure out new strategies.

As an example on this last update:

  • titan flasks: would come in very handy to figure out a new best tactic which doesn’t involve any kind of stacking of effects. With hits regenerating every 4 hours and boards having a lot of variety, it takes a lot of hits to figure out which team works better.
  • raid flasks: with the buff/nerf of some effects I think people will have to change their strategy on this too. (I’m personally less involved with this and care less, but I think some people probably care more and would like some kind of compensation/ability to figure it out without waiting for an hour for every opportunity)
  • Map flasks: less essential in my opinion, but could be given as some kind of compensation I guess.

Hope to hear what other people think about this. I realize that a lot of people will call for their money back/gems in compensations, but i doubt that will happen. This is my attempt to find a reasonable middle way which has purpose for everyone to get used to the new mechanics we all have to play with.




Or even a new feature where you can have a test arena, no prizes, no wasted energy, just different level titans/raid opponents.
Would put a big hole in the having to talk to you in ac while waiting for flags :smiley:


To be devil’s advocate, players using heroes that are nerfed already have compensation. Players that were suddenly doing 120k damage on a single titan run already were given higher loot tiers than they should have. So you don’t, for lack of a better term, “deserve” anything if your hero got nerfed. You get to keep all the stuff you got before the nerf, and that’s your compensation, that you shouldn’t have even had in the first place, because your hero was stronger than intended.

That being said, the nerf to, and usage of Athena was one of the more profound changes in terms of her mechanic, but she’s still the defacto best hero to bring for most titans.

I think at the end of the day, practice titans and practice raids are the best solution, and not any kind of compensation.


I think the practice function Wif mentioned is a really good idea! Unlimited testing of hero combinations and materials on diffêtent levels of titans and raids.

Because I do think the compensation part might be hard to implement “fairly”, since there are a lot of gray zones.
Like “features” which were obviously bugs but have taken time to fix vs. game mechanic changes that now make more or less sense. What is considered a nerf and what is a fix?

That being said, I think flasks could be more liberally handed out as rewards for titans/chests or maybe even map levels.

Good constructive out of the box thinking @loorts!


I actually prefer this over my own idea yes. I’ve called for this before - would absolutely love this feature!


While I can agree with you on this partially (the initial athena nerf for example), I think this case is different. My damage output is not necessarily a lot lower (i’ve been playing without the stack for a few titans now to try out new tactics and still get over 170k total on 8/9*s, didnt usually get over 200k before either), so I don’t think i have gained any unfair advantage per se. I use different heroes and different strategies on different starlvls/colours, and this will cause for me to not use certain heroes anymore that i’ve built my entire strategy around before (grimm, gormek and even brienne). As I’ve always focused on the titan mainly I don’t think that is entirely fair either. I agree that people shouldnt necessarily always get compensation for everything, but that’s why i thought this was a good solution - just some items to help you figure out the new mechanics.

That being said, if we can get Wif’s suggestion implemented that would be far better than my initial suggestion - so i think we both agree on the important things :slight_smile:


Sorry, a liitle late, but I found this thread now…
120k damage on a single run…I never saw more than 50k on a 7* Titan.
Can’t imagine, that there are a lot of players, doing so much damage.


120k hit on 8* titan prior to her nerf.


Really not bad! I’m glad when I make 40k…


Athena lowered defense by 10% for every single gem that hit the titan, and stacked with other defense debuffers like grimm/gormek/tiburtus. Almost everyone that had athena was hitting around 100k hits before they nerfed her, and then nerfed her again, and then nerfed her again :slight_smile:

Don’t think I’ve seen 100k hits since, although I’ve hit and seen around 88k, with someone hitting 75k or so on an 8* recently if I remember correctly. On a 10* I think the highest I’ve hit was 50k or so.