Compensation issue for server down (February 17/18 Outage)

Two weeks after and just silence.

Sad, seems many have that same silence & SG isn’t even commenting in this thread to let people know if we are/aren’t going to get compensated. I’m sure many spend $$ on this game, as do I. Just wrong :woman_shrugging:t2:

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See this is why the playerbase doesn’t trust SG as a whole. These silences and empty promises cause a whole lot more trouble than anything when it comes to customer relations.


I personally disagree about contact support about problems like this. It’s sorta “We know about problem, whole game wasn’t working, but waste another bit of your time by creating meaningless support ticket on different platform”. I personally just have confirmation about my conclusions which I have from previous server crash. With all this ignorance and posting on that support platform where no one see that info. It’s like that ridiculous thread about AMA chat. Like “it’s time to be heard”. While we have this whole forum where thousands of active people suggest ideas and want some improvements (some very simple to implement - like advanced titan stats). And this whole posting and time spending is looks like wasting because time to be heard just on that stupid AMA chat. Nuff said.

P.S. not to say that Devs decided to add Ukrainian language in August 2018 and where it is still? Nowhere, because it will not give any additional profit so it’s last thing to do. And so on, and so on.–SOLVED-Unable-to-connect-to-the-game-Feb-18-starting-at-00-00-GMT-0-

reading through this thread I see all the reasons why a good guy like Anchor was upset with the community. can we make a new poll greed of developers vs greed of playerbase. I wanna see the real poll results for that one. Shameful how some of you people expect handouts for every little “mishap”. how some of these people survive in the real world is math I will never be able to solve.


Reading through your post I understand how people ignore lots of messages and info. Especially because here also people talking about absolutely lack of feedback from devs etc. Not to say that Anchor left first of all because of same lack of support from SG.

Edit: And yeah. Devs said that there will be compensation in bugs and issues thread two weeks ago. With no result

Anchor was someone I spoke to personally, enough that he made sure to drop by our allaince on his last day and use one of his titan flasks with us. I know why anchor left and a huge part of it was the playerbase

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Maybe you are right. But still this thread not the best example to say: “look! There are toxicity!”

Edit: I am pretty sure that if Anchor was badly affected by this forum community then better to not play other games or at least not to be popular person on the sun/not participate on forum. Because every games forums will have same percentage of good/toxic/neutral people. It’s sociologically and statistically most likely to be.
And also high toxicity may be cause of the same lack of feedback from Devs - when too much game info just speculated with “holy wars”.(although this last not explain all cases of toxicity obviously)

phrase never came out of my mouth you just jumped to that conclusion. which literally makes this exactly the right thread for the comment that was stated. good luck to you in your game

OK, let’s get compensated! I suggest 1 gem + 1 axe!


Oh common. It’s exactly what you want to said by mentioning here Anchor and others your phrases about community and people greedy. so let’s not play word games. Good luck to you too

I never said I want 5* as compensation. First of all I want compensation as it is and right feedback from Devs. So even 1 gem will be ok in this case. But here no good feedback from Devs, and that’s a question.

Here you go: :gem: Don’t spend it all in one place.

I liked how in a previous outage, they gave targeted compensation for people who were logged in and actively doing something specific at the time. Perhaps that was a lot of work to make that happen, and maybe they felt this time was not significant enough to warrant the extra work it would’ve taken someone to run that process again.

I can say, however, that I strongly disagree with the concept of being compensated simply for not being able to login to the game for 90 minutes. I think that shows an outrageous sense of entitlement. If someone schedules their daily E&P time and the game happens to be down at that time, that does not increase the developer responsibility. That simply indicates to me that such a person needs to have some more flexibility in their life. Game is down? Grab a book, do the dishes, take the dog for a walk, whatever.

I think the level to which some people have gotten upset over this is just ridiculous. And as I’m typing this, I feel like I’M ridiculous for having re-engaged in it, so I’m just done.

Good luck with your silly demands, and may you enjoy good gaming. :slight_smile:


Funny how people thinking how they are “right” attacking others blaming for “silly demands” etc. And deciding for others how they must live and what to do and when. Good luck to you too


Flagged post by those i mentioned. Haha. Get real.

@zephyr1 how many rules did my last post break? Its relative to topic and non insulting.

The post was flagged by someone else, who found it insulting and inappropriate.

Different people may feel differently about what’s an insult, so it’s best to avoid any name calling, in keeping with #forum-rules.

(Which also don’t allow public discussion of flags or moderation decisions about them, but let’s just focus on civility.)

To keep things simple and unflagged by others: avoid criticizing other players, and instead just share your perspective.

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Well as far as I’m concerned, at this point, it is what it is & I’ve said what I said, I’m done with this topic.

Have a great day & happy gaming to all!


So another server crash looks like. It’s already ridiculous.

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Hmm, I hate servers being down too, but this one was relatively painless…what, 5 minutes?

I’m more inclined to agree with token* compensation for 90 minutes than for 5. :thinking:

  • “Token” meaning a small trifle, not an actual game token.
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Yeah, I agree. This 15 minutes mostly painful for those who were kicked from a game. It’s really not big amount of time to start another thread. Only thing that this 15 minutes are added to those uncompensated 90 minutes. And I also still wait for that 90 minutes compensation and right feedback (with possible reviewing of their communication strategy - but it’s almost impossible obviously lol).


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