Compensation issue for server down (February 17/18 Outage)

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I’m short on decent fire and nature heroes. Just saying.

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I understand the frustration, but believe me, this isn’t so bad. I’m old school EverQuest player. Now THAT’S bad when a server went down! There you can lose major experience to the point of actually losing your new spells that you may have just gotten. And corpse retrieval! Heaven forbid if your guild (alliance here) was in Planes or killing a dragon for someone’s epic quest! Automatic death! Guilds there could be quite large - over 100 players. It could take literally hours for corpse retrieval! Thankfully they added NPCs that could summon your corpse for a hefty price. But at a much later expansion.

Here, we lose WE and time. Yes it sucks if you have 10 minutes on finishing that Titan or Event Challenge, but we don’t lose our hero’s or lose experience.

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They’re not obligated on doing anything as you can see in the terms of condition. (And you better not read it all, or you understand how little rights you have overall in the game).
That said they do something last time and it was appreciated.

OP just saying that people kicking out and people can’t log in has pretty much equal rights and deserve a compensation both, which i think is not something wrong.
But the last time only people kicking out received that.

Now i know people that can’t login to finish a titan, and so escape. They were not online and if we follow the previous logic, they don’t deserve anything in return.

I’m with the OP in that.
Give something to all or not giving anything to anyone.



I think they’ll go with option 2.

Official Staff Statements

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I couldn’t get in, started a monster chest late, but didn’t lose anything. So I really struggle to see why anyone is owed anything unless they lost something tangible as a result. And please, don’t say you lost ‘game time’ as there’s a real world out there to play in :slight_smile:


I have insomnia, and it was late night. So usually spend that few hours playing. So just not judge anyone without knowing situation, right?

Not judging, I was sitting there working late night wishing I could have been doing anything but. I just don’t feel like I deserve something for it. You can certainly feel differently.


Well. It’s not quite right word “deserve”. They by terms and conditions as posted above not owe anything. But in terms of respect (in my opinion) they can give proper feedback and some compensation (just WE flask even, I personally never ask anything ridiculously high as compensation). And I will appreciate if they do. If not then I will just do my conclusions because I also not owe anything to them.

Staff told the moderators recently that “We’ll be looking into compensating affected players.” So let’s see what theymdo.


Yeah, I saw. Just waiting what will be. Because there are no explanation who to name as affected. May be as previous time just anyone who was kicked from a game, but not who can’t connect in that time. And I agree that those who was kicked even more frustrated than me probably.

For something like this, a WE flask seems reasonable.


Yeah. I know :wink:

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Another update (the third time staff have said they’re working on compensation):


well it looks like they didn’t go with option 2 after all. Not bad at all :+1:

I now await my 15 Epic tokens.


I was attempting the trials emblem…waited for more life…couldn’t sign back in an finish…i needed those emblems. Grrrrr. Couldn’t even finish moster chest…i missed out big time…i confirmed with other alliance member through dicord… he was out to…big bummer for all

Did anybody receive anything for this glitch ?

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Not yet. I wonder if there is a group of people in a board room somewhere deciding.

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Millions of players, around 50 employees…I think they’re probably just trying to keep up with the process.

And they handled a similar situation recently too, so presumably there aren’t a lot of decisions to make again.


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