Compensation issue for server down (February 17/18 Outage)

So again servers are down. Second time. I wasn’t in a game in the moment of crash. But I can’t connect to play when I want and when I have time. And I was thinking to play and open another chest. If this time again will be no compensation for failure in providing game service for me as customer it will be for me personally just another confirmation that my time and time of other people are worthless in Devs opinion. Thank you for reading.


I have the same question / concern… I invested quite a lot of money in this game, I hope it won’t be just money thrown through the window :frowning:


I was coming on just to ask if anyone else is having issues. Several in my alliance have mention no connection.

I hope the servers are up soon, I’m getting bored at work.


I’m also down, lucky it didn’t happen in the middle of my emblem classes quest or during the wars.

They have been known to compensate for issues so we’ll have see what happens.


How long is it usually down?

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For kicking in the middle of war/raid/titan there was compensation last time (and must be). But there are another question for lost time. Because lost time is not written in game logs.


Same here. Server is down and there wasn’t any heads up:)

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This again? ■■■■, I might have to do something productive for 10 or 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


I think everyone must decide what to do with their time by their own wish, not by server crash.

Okay, can completely understand the frustration of being kicked out of game etc, however imo it’s a little early to be asking for compensation.

We don’t know how long it took them to realise the game’s crashed…globally. They’ll be busy investigating the cause, etc.

If.anything we have learnt is patience from the game, therefore we should be patient in an announcement. Also, SG are great at compensating so please be patient.


So I’m not alone? Phew. Been at this screen for ages


I know your position. And was patient previous time (and even defend SG that time). And there was no compensation. There was no proper feedback that time. So I am just learning on my experience.


Oh looks like I am not alone! I have been playing with no particular issue since last August. This is the first downtime. Hope they will sort it out soon!

Generally how long is it usually down for?

Can’t say about usually. Luckily it is second time of such big crash. Previous time there was about 30 mins. But SG working only from Monday to Friday without 24/7 devs support. So this time it can be till morning by Finland time zone.

There was no compinsation last time so this will probably be no different… All i know is they are saying its globally down, so if i log back in and im missing cups again im gonna be P***=d!


its been almost an hour. from singapore


Nope, down in Texas as well


Or missing hero’s would suck as well

I imagine the game makers are concerned about getting systems back online. They can’t make money without the players.

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