Compensation for upcoming nerf on Vela and Telluria

It is pretty clear that SG decided to end the GTV meta. They stated their intentions clear on the currently ongoing beta thread for the nerfs.

Players invested money on landing Telluria and Vela, some maybe lucky some may had to invest hundreds of dollars.
Players invested tons of time on gathering required Ascension materials and some had to invest in 4 Star ascension material offers which are again cost the same money as many triple AAA game DLC costs.
Players spend tons of time on gathering required ascension materials such as food, iron, etc…

Top-level players may have enough ascension materials to ascend another new 5-star hero but the majority of the player base will have to wait months to ascend their next blue or green 5 star heroes because of the abundance of 4-star ascension materials.

If SG chooses to nerf these and send these hero’s to useless state, they need to correctly compensate the players who invested a lot of these hero’s.

My suggestion is going to be:

  1. SG shall offer a way for any player to return the mentioned hero and gather a choice of past Hero of the month.
  2. SG will allow the player to fully ascend the chosen hero with no cost to their traded hero’s state ( including emblems etc… )
  3. SG needs to make a very clear statement for the future on how they can prevent a similar case in future and what kind of improvements they need to apply.

Here are my suggestions please feel free to share your own idea’s so SG can see what they do is wrong and shall not happen in the future.


We dont know the impact of the final nerf , but lets be honest it doesnt make me any fun if sg destroy a hero which i invested in ! Its a 5* star , they are scarse to c2p and requires lot of food/ham/emblems and mats to have her at +9 as i have.

It wont make me feel better to receive goodies like ett, eht or even emblems if sg destroys vela


Are we putting the cart ahead of the horse here? Come on…


Allowing players to exchange their heroes for an equally ascended hero of their choosing is the fastest way to bring back more diversity, and gives SGG the freedom to nerf these heroes into the ground, or remove them from the game entirely.

Which let’s be honest is probably where they should have started.


Only such compensation that they give the choice of another hero and up to the same amount of talent in my case +18. They can keep their few emblems that they gave last to everyone who didn’t even have those heroes.


Today’s version of vela is hardly a nerf. Still a very strong hero and GTV will still be the meta if today’s test versions are launched.

I wouldn’t expect to see any major shake up of defences but a reduction in win rate and less phone throwing in frustration.

Hopefully it would allow more diversification in defences but unlikely due to the time and expense of blem moves.

At best expect some blems, but I’d much rather have enjoyment in playing the game back in return for any changes to heroes


Gambled, the word you are looking for is gambled.

And @Ultra is right in his statement.


The intent is to make once again defence teams and war teams more different, so the nerf must be high to reach that purpose (at least the Telly-Vela combo).

No matter how much it makes that possible, the intent is to end Telly-Vela era.

Compensation? I highly reccomend that, as it was their error and misjudge.
They got it cover from a law perspective, but not covered at all as company credibility.

Even more because that’s not the first time.

That said, i think all the people should STOP to chase any new stronger hero just to be disappointed soon after of a nerf.

First, that joy is temporary. A new shiny hero will always coming to push people spend once again.

Second, the only way to make a game work is balancing all out.
A new hero clearly the best in his role would almost ALWAYS ending to be balanced (nerfed) for the sake of the game.

You can’t be really surprised now.


Call, what ever you want, But the reality is this: Vela - Telluria are advertised hero’s on in game with paid options. And if you actually call it Gamble, than SG and Zynga has serious legal issues in their hand because this game is not R rated and not subject to gambling laws as of now. ( i strongly agree with you but it is not a thing i would prefer to state )

When there is money involved, you always need to state your desired compensations very clearly. Otherwise companies will always take advantage of you. In cases like this game where there are millions of customers whom have very limited chance to voice their opinion, then it is always best to voice it prior.

Specially this is a case where issues all started with SG’s own actions. Ignoring beta feedback, not doing enough testing and pushing these hero’s as money trap’;s The month Telluria is released, SG break their revenue record. Do you think it is a coinsidence ? Of course not as every hard core player knew Telluria was an OP hero and everyone invested to gather him.


Just a quick question to throw out, what is the big disadvantage to letting people exchange their Nerfed telluria and vela for another hero of their choosing with equal emblems?

OP said hotm, there are some good options there to choose from, but what if it was any hero of the same color? So vela owners could get Finley, or frida, or Ariel, or costume magni.

Where telluria owners could get Kingston, or heimdall, tarlak, or costume kadilen.

Anything of their choosing from that color.

Personally I think they should keep challenge event heroes/seasonal out of the mix, but they should let players exchange their telluria/vela for anything from costume summon, previous hotm, and season 2/3 gates.


It sounds weird that sg will allow that thing. Id love to change my vela for a drake fong +9 or for a finley but i dont believe they allow such thing ever.

They will end giving us a reset token to save the emblems we invested on her and a few emblems as compensation


If there is compensation, it should be done for Telluria and Vela owners, not 20 emblems for everybody, even people who don’t have the heroes and who will already benefit from the nerf.

All the mats for Telluria and Vela should be reset and we can choose 1 free HOTM. That way I can finally get Gravemaker or Seshat lol


This is what my fear is. I like the game as it allows me to spend time during work breaks or when I just want to spend 10-15 minutes away. But an action like this will not go well with me and I will simply choose uninstalling the game and move on. Will not make major changes for me or SG as i am a single player only and i am far away from being a whale. I do invest on VIP and POV and from time to time i choose to make pulls on special events. Maybe they will not loose millions from me but i believe i am not alone.

The main idea of this thread is to make sure SG understands where i and maybe some others stand and this can allow them to make their decision wiser.

Nothing in this suggestion will make a financial dent on SG and in fact it will not cost them anything. This is very simple, just own your mistake and fairly compensate players. This will in fact create more towards SG and allow players to continue investing in future. Because there will be trust between players and SG.

Without proper compensation, how can any player choose to invest money to the game? Any hero they target can face the same scenario which will on long run effect SG’s revenue more.


I support you, I need to compensate for another designated hero if you change

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I don’t have vela but i agree to this. Compensation should always be due to the aggrieved. Be it in real life or virtually.

Off topic, i really, really, REALLY hope that sg people nerf sir roostley into oblivion so i can demand an exchange of that darn chicken with any of the two springvale 5*. :sweat_smile:


“Like” for off-topic =)

It hasn’t even left beta yet. For goodness sake!!


In my honest opinion, we are perhaps getting ahead of ourselves here.
Let’s wait to see the outcome of any adjustments. I am sure we will get the opportunity to have our say / vote before anything goes live.
And to manage expectations we all need to be mindful of the Terms and Conditions - we don’t own heroes, we didn’t directly buy heroes and SG reserve the right to “change” heroes as appropriate.
Please also remember that this is just a game … it’s not a life / death situation … and as my mother used to say “worse things happen at sea”
Stay calm and await the outcome everyone


This isn’t the first nerf for either hero.


Haven’t been playing for very long, but from what I understand Tell and Vela aren’t the first heroes to be nerfed, some even multiple times and others quite hard. So the practice was known, it was nothing new. So people with experience and knowlege of the game might recognize OP heroes and think they would be nerfed down the road, so it was But they were awsome for a couple of months, weren’t they? Just saying.

And regarding compensations, what about the heroes that got buffed. Should SG require compensations for that? You want something for the nerff, but should you pay something for the buff?