Compensation for SGG Major Errors

Thank you for listening to your players :slight_smile:. @NittanyLionRoar And thanks, Ian, for starting this post, and being polite about it.


Very classy way to handle the issues with the war this weekend. Thank you, SG.

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I dug this thread out as soon as I saw the prize :grin:
Great work and thanks SG!

The one right action :smiley:

Thanks SG staff! Very much appreciated :grin::+1:

On our side, when the score difference is over 10% WE REMOVE ALL OUR TEAMS from battle, and no battle, no mascarade can the occur
Whether the side of the difference, we don’t care about winning a no-match

And this until the matchmaking error is fixed

Wow that’s a lot of energy to put into “sticking it to the man” when “the man” probably won’t even notice. Put that energy into war strategy…we beat almost every better alliance we face so there’s definitely advantages to trying.

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Other games give great free stuff when the game has errors. Legendary gives you lots of stuff when they find bugs or have connection errors. Also during events your guild can send you materials to upgrade your characters. I have so much extra why cant i give it away.

since last week, the game has been presenting errors … the game stops and closes … I would like to ask you to compensate for these frequent mistakes, during a war, attacking the Titan, carrying out assaults, among others …

Please see SGG’s likely response below:

In the mean time, make sure your internet connection isn’t cutting out, reboot your device, and/or reinstall the game.

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to add to what KL just wrote, make sure you have enough memory on your device. Lack of sufficient memory has been known to cause issues.

I need mysterious tonics and Guinevere, thank you SG.


but but but…i. NEED 87 chrome tabs open at all times!

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I, too, would like compensation for his error!

Difficult to enjoy a game knowing someone’s phone may be cutting out!

Don’t expect SG to compensate me for nothing, though!



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