Compensation for server access bug on 1 August

Dear developers, i’m not quite sure if it is right categiory for my proposal.
You were so kind to give a very good compensation for lug on 1 august. But most of people (in my clan and groups in socials in Russia) do not understand and think it is just for zero attack in the last war. Maybe its a problem of wrong translation, i dont know). As a result, you got many of players, filling quite unhappy, posting plenty of negative. I do understand that you wanted to do somehing good, but…
Like we say in Russia “wanted to do better, but did as usial…”
P.S. I really like the game, please try avoide such mustakes. Maybe a question to your marketing service. Good luck.

@Plutus - There is a thread dedicated to this topic. You may find some good information there to share with your alliance.

[SOLVED] "Server at Maximum capacity, please try again later" During Gameplay (August 1st 2018, 09:41-09:43 (GMT+0))