Compensation for Owners of Nerfed Heroes

I don’t know if I received any extra loot. If I get a brand new hero when it first comes out (which is rare since I’m C2P) then it still takes me a month to level, and another week to LB, by the time I start enjoying it to the point of being nerfed can’t be measured in loot… more like lint. Sometimes it gets nerfed in the middle of leveling, right after sucking up ascension items.

I’ve enjoyed this thread but I’ll be moving on. I’ll see everyone in-game. :vulcan_salute:

The same with Treevil. He was very slow mana which gave a risk reward use for him. He only dominated in rush attacks. Once they nerfed him, they should have change his mana speed. Boss Wolf shouldn’t have vs mana either.

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Who rcvd Treevil after nerf? What in that case? :doughnut:

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