Compensation for Owners of Nerfed Heroes

Ascension materials, Aethers, Emblems, Hams, Iron, Trainer Heroes, Feeders, Time, and Money (for those that spend on this game). These are the resources needed to fully level, train and ascend heroes. These are wasted every time a hero, tested in Beta, gets nerfed after release. It is only just for affected end users who spent these resources to be compensated.


Not gonna happen nerfs/buffs are needed to atleast try to keep the game balance right (not defending zynga/Sg) because it’s completely out of balance atm

The nerf for telluria and vela was right at the time now they atleast buffed vela back again and telluria could need some attention too atleast healing and dmg ^^


I don’t think you understood the post. I’m not against nerfs. I’m stressing the need to compensate players affected by poor planning and execution of game developers. They can buff and nerf all they want but a compensation system should be in place so that game devs will actually do a better job when releasing heroes. I am one of many players tired of all these botched up messed up releases.

Game developers should be held accountable for these poor developments, not players.

And yes - you are defending SG / Zynga


This is a sensitive area. Very sensitive. I know where you are coming from.

I have been affected : Tell, Vela, Azmia, Ferant, Kalo, Sanngrior, Zhuge Liang, Winter 3/4*, TreeVil.

In principle, I believe some compensation is due if Zynga/SGG has been warned by beta testers and they went ahead to release those nerfed heroes as they were in beta.

3 rounds of Compensation was received for Tell and Vela; each round of Nerf.

Something was given for the Winter family nerf.

Don’t recall any compensation for the 4* though.

Based on new hero releases in the last month, it looks like Zynga is listening to beta feedback more.

Hopefully this issue will not arise in the future.


Looks like Zynga is listening to beta. Did they explain why they weren’t listening before?

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Affected players should at least be given an option to reset a nerfed hero and regain a portion (if not all) of resources that were consumed / exhausted. Especially for 4* Ascension Materials and Limit Break Aethers.


I understand you i pulled 20 times for friggs costume did not get it anyway but seeing her after 30 minutes completely changed in her special is just so frustration for me… They kinda tricked me into summoning… and i can’t buy that poor argument that they don’t want her to be her first fast 3 hit costume…


This post has nothing to do with the botched portals. Baiting players is a completely different topic.


You should know that Zynga/SGG is usually opaque and deathly silent. Until they need to communicate.

Even then it’s relatively opaque and minimal.

Answer is No. and there will never be an explanation.


Strongly disagree. The nerf was WAY too late, because they waited for her month to be over, so people would pull for OP version. It was â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  move.


Didn’t she got nerfed after some more months with vela together? Was it rly immediately after the portal closed don’t remember the exact Month…

Released in March 2020.
First nerf in May 2020
Followed by second round
And then third round. Think it was August 2020?

I suspect that this incident was the first time for Zynga/SGG. Protests were rife. For and Against.

Players left because nerf didn’t come fast enough.
Players left because of the nerfs. More exited with Each round.

It was tense for quite some time.

And beta testers did warn Zynga/SGG to nerf Tell before release. They didn’t listen.


Is benefiting from having/using the overpowered hero enough compensation?
Whatever compensation folks have in mind won’t be enough.


@BlackZed And the best part is old Telluria was perfectly balanced for a Slow hero. The main issue was she was doing too much too fast. But SGG nerfed her to the ground by changing everything BUT mana speed.


Yeah. That was one recommendation made to Zynga/SGG then.

They nerfed Kalo from Average to VS but that was in 2022 (?).

If they had changed Tell to Slow then, that GTV combo wouldn’t have been that OP.

Tell is perfectly balanced for current meta. :rofl::joy:

She was ahead of her time. A hero from the future (2022) transported to 2020. :rofl::joy:

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Are you not happy with a little bit of food for all the effort you put in :joy:

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The nerf to Telluria and Vela wasn’t necessarily their cards themselves it was the synergy that they had together and with Gravemaker on the other side. Basically, if Tell went off her mana reduction and associated health bump were so significant that Vela and GM were virtually guaranteed to fire. Once that happened, your attack and mana were completely neutered while you got 200+ DoT every turn. The whole combination (at the time) was stupidly overpowered. And they were all HoTM, which means EVERYONE was using that lineup. You’d have to reroll 10 times in raid to get a matchup that was unique.

There is some truth in the compensation but it was not appropriate. I want to say costume krampus was a reset token and nothing else. Only pulled in that portal for the costume, and i would be embarrassed to tell you how much i spent. Have never used the costume since the nerf. I have many of the other heroes that were nerfed as well and I just dont have the trust to spend the way I did. I understand we don’t own the heroes but its still unacceptable at this point to be making the same, continued mistakes. For me it was shocking for the refunds of the ninja portal that clearly displayed, however wrong, the featured heroes but will not compensate for nerfing a new hero soon after a portal is over once taking everyone’s money? Most of us know that all of this falls on deaf ears from sg/zyg, but a set compensation standard may increase trust, therefore business. Apologies for the long rant, and what we learn from each other is going to only help us make smarter decisions…Hopefully : )


Never an explanation. Kinda sounds like all our politicians, celebrities, and people who blindly support them. Scamgorithm is at an all time high. Started in 2020.

Wouldn’t be saying that with that avatar attached to your name :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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