Compensation for lost server issue

Will we be getting any form of compensation this time round it is happening alot lately SG and players will be put off i know i think twice before spending now


I agree… I lost trophies cause i was in the middle of a battle, was about to win and got kicked. I lost trophies for something that was not my fault… I want something in return

Same here!! l got all my Titans alive. The opponent has 2 left & in their half life, no ability to heal. But l suddenly got kicked!!!

I will be not expect much. There was nothing previous two times. And I created similar thread long ago about compensation and received lots of toxicity from other players in that thread. So be ready to receive it here too

Yeah but it sucks to put my money into something and lose things over something out of my control. I know it’s my problem for spending money, but doesnt make it right to lose things I was working hard for.

You maybe will be interested to read how it went previous time with my thread

Looks like I have a 50/50 chance to get compensated since I was in the middle of something and actually lost stuff. It is what it is and it’s a risk I take. Thanks for posting that.

Unfortunately they compensated lost energy for first server crash and nothing except that. For second time they even not compensate energy for those who was kicked (not to say about my thread). And second crash was 1 hour and 30 min (and Devs stated that there will be compensation that time - and nothing in result), while this time about 15 minutes. So not much hope
Good luck.

P.S. you can try to create support ticket on that support platform

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Yup! Compensation! I was at a boss when I got kicked off. I know already I lost the battle because it f it. So flag loss, no loot, no credit for defeating the special stage, absolutely nothing. Gotta love the message saying the server became overcrowded and kick me off. Ummmmm…why I’d get kicked off when I was already there?! Ridiculous. Oh well. Still not as bad as when EverQuest would kick us off. :woman_shrugging:

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It’s also happening in the summons.
I have collected 3100 diamonds and paid 2600 diamonds for the 10x… instead of giving me 10 heroes it gave me only 8 heroes.
I posted it with a bug and a picture of what the bug looks like… doubt that they will fix this or compensate for the 2 missing heroes.
The bug looks like this:

Thanks for the raid flask SGG :blush:

I just got a World Energy flask, thanks SG! I was completing a monster chest when the servers went down. I was able to open the monster chest when they came back on and got a warm cape from it so I already felt compensated :slight_smile: I guess that was just luck and not a secret reward

Must be nice to get some compensation.

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