I have 9, almost 10 4 star heroes at 3*60 and no compasses. Is it normal to go months without them when youre an active player daily?

Welcome to the game. You’ll find there are so many bottlenecks, it can be maddening at times.

Lack of food…feeders…AM…heroes…etc.

Empires and Patience.

That used to be me, my kingdom for a compass. Now I’m inundated with compasses. Higher level titans and filling the various monster / hero chests daily help too. Hang in there :wink:

You need to find an alliance with at least 20 active members and ascension mats will flow… Not heaps, but workable and NEVER miss a mystic vision. :slightly_smiling_face:

The more the play the more you accumulate, I now have 80 compasses with 30 5* and 20 4*. And I’m still leveling.

The higher titans you kill, the more double compasses you can get :laughing: , Imagine doing 500k to 14* titan for 2 compasses

Compasses still avoid me like fill all chests kill 11* - 12* titans I have 3, once I get 1 usually there is a influx of them like maybe 4, then drys up again. Just how it is :unamused:

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As others have said, don’t worry: if you keep playing - and especially as you progress to higher-level titans - you’ll build up a steady supply of compasses and other 3* unfarmable mats.

Then you can start complaining about the shortage of Damascus blades, tomes of tactics, and other 4* unfarmable mats.


I too have same problem. I too have 10 to 12 heroes at 3/60 waiting for compass. I have only 1 compass at the moment, reserved for Wiking who is latest addition to my roaster.

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