Compasses R Us ... Who to ascend?

Hi everyone! Would love your advice please.

My kid and I have been playing for fun the last year or so. We are FTP and it’s been great so far.

We somehow got three compasses last week, which is enough to ascend some heroes. We mainly raid, as I have not been brave enough to join an alliance as yet. We are low platinum, and the raid team is:

  • Melendor 4.70+7 – Joon 3.70 – Gormek 4.70+5 – Wu Kong 3.60 – Kiril 4.70+7

(Should I move anyone around?)

In terms of heroes:

Yellow hero – Joon or Wu Kong?

  • I have three darts and seven orbs. If I ascend Wu first, I’ll be short an orb for Joon. But does it matter, as I don’t have enough darts anyway?

  • I love them both. When we first started, we saved enough gems and did exactly one elemental pull. My boy got us Joon.

Green hero – Caedmon or Little John?

  • Both are at 3.60. I like Cademon’s dispel and he’s fast. I like LJ’s mana reduction, but he’s slow.

Red hero – Guardian Falcon or Mitsuko?

  • GF is at 3.60 and Mitsuko is at 2.60. She was our first 5* pull from Atlantis. Usually we just add to our collection of Namahage.

Purple hero – Domitia or Ameonna?

  • Ghosty is 3.60 and my boy loves her. I don’t play with her often. Dom is 2.60 … and she’s just ok for me.

I only have three compasses. Who should I prioritize?

All feedback welcome. Thank you! :grinning:

PS: Here is my roster of 4* and 5*. Not many, I know. We have maxed all 3* heroes (except for Renfeld, Dawa … you know the ones).


My personal opinion:

Yellow: Wu Kong. He’ll be more valuable maxed than Joon at 3/70. Also, Wu will let you get higher titan hits which will give you a better chance at more ascension mats.
Green Hero: Tougher choice, both are good heroes. I think I’d give the edge to Caedmon.
Red Hero: Hands down, Guardian Falcon. I have both him and Mitsuko maxed and, while as a maxed 5*, she is good, but Falcon maxed will be more valuable than Mitsuko at 3/70.
Purple: Normally, a maxed 4* is better than a 5* at 3/70. That said, Domitia does dispel and I personally don’t care for Ameonna. If your son really loves the ghost girl though, nothing wrong with maxing a hero purely for fun :slight_smile: You also will have a good dispeller with Caedmon.

Priorities: Wu Kong, Caed, Falcon(in my opinion).

All that said; you mentioned you aren’t in an alliance. Titans are the best source of ascension mats in the game. By far.

Shameless recruiting; if you need a low pressure alliance, I’m in Team Super Saiyan God. Family friendly conversations, friendly people. Very low pressure, unlike a lot of competitive alliance. We do ask for participation, but not nearly to the extent that some alliances do. You are welcome :slight_smile: Even if you would rather look elsewhere, you should at least join an alliance. Even if you make your own for just your account; titans are important for more ascension mats. That will mean more maxed heroes. Mats are tough to come by, you should maximize your chances.



Join an alliance.
Level those suggestions. Lol


Concentrate on the 4*'s, they are easier to max and will be helpful right away. You allready have some very good ones.
5"s takes 4ever to level and then more mats needed.
Join an alliance, find one that’s active, easy going. The forum is full of them.
Good luck and have fun.


You really should join an alliance. Then you can take part in hitting titans and fighting alliance wars. Those are two ready sources of loot you are missing out on right now. As @StephenNap89 said pick the right alliance and there’s no pressure involved. No need to be brave. You want a more casual alliance. Mine is also casual and we don’t force you to do more than you want to.

As for heroes,

Wu Kong will excel for you when you do join an alliance. He is a Titan Beast. Joon is fine at 3.70 until you get the extra mats needed.

GF is worth maxing, he is a really good 4* that you can use for a long time. It is also MUCH easier to max a 4* than a 5*. Best to start with them and build up a good bench before trying to max the 5*. Especially if you join an alliance and start participating in wars.

Ameonna is probably more useful than an unmaxed Domitia right now, again 4* vs 5* choose 4*. But you might be better off waiting for a better option like Rigard.

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Welcome to the forum!
Falcon cead wu kong amennoa
I Love ghostgirl if you hit titans she’s great! Plus saved my butt in a raid or war by being the last one floating!

I missed the green!

Caed is more useful in the long run than LJ.

I’ll echo previous comments.

Wu kong, Caedmon, Falcon are definetly worth ascending.

You really should join a low pressure alliance. There are many that keep the chat clean for families and kids.

You’ll enjoy great advice, good encouragement and much more loot. Just look for one that shares your playing intensity.

Good luck.

Welcome to the forum! Your title really got me laughing! Concentrate on the 4 stars for now because the 4 star mats for the 5 stars are even harder to come by than the 3 star mats. Your 4 stars will be of more use maxed than your 5 star sitting at 3-70. LJ really shines in the rush attack tourney as his high attack makes his direct damage dealt that much more lethal. His mana slow is very useful in raiding. Combine him with someone like Li Xiu and you got a killer one-two punch of mana slowdown.

I did it! Bye bye orbs! Wu is on his way up.

Thank you everyone for your insight! I’ll work Caedmon and GF after Wu.

Wait, wait …


My son just got Kashhrek from the Morlovia summon. He was not excited. He was hoping for an event hero.

What do you think about Kash? Caedmon over Kash? Or vice versa?

Also, yes, I will look into joining an alliance, thank you! :smiley:

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@StephenNap89 – Thank you for the shameless recruiting! :smile: I appreciate the thorough explanation.

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@Math4lyfe – This, so concise, thank you!

@Aunty_Krauser – So last week, we drove by an old Toys R Us–with a giant crane parked in the middle of it. That company has serious revive skills! :laughing: And I’m having fun with LJ during the tournament right now!

@Dudeious.Maximus – My kid loved your comment the most! “See, see, Ameonna is great!”

@nevarmaor – Rigard … I would totally wait for him. I do favor the healers. Kiril was our first 4* healer. But I stopped using him after Melendor. Had Sonya in for a long time, but when it came time to ascend, I chose Kiril over Sonya. Even though I hadn’t used him in months. And I ascended him because about a million posts said, “Kiril first!”

@Killen-time – Thank you! I need to figure out how to search “low pressure, clean, family friendly.” Although, I had to smile at the shameless recruiting from @StephenNap89. :smile:

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@akionna Kashhrek is a serviceable tank until you get better ones. His move affects only him and his two neighboring teammates so he is best used for most effect either mid left or mid right. He was actually my first 4 star on my alt so he has served me very well.

@Aunty_Krauser – Gormek is my tank … even though I read somewhere, “He hits like a baby.” I laughed because, yes, it’s true. He was my first 4* red. For Kashhrek, I will say, he irritates me when I come up against him. I forget that he heals, so he never dies quickly for me. :grin:

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Kash can be a pain especially in a war with filed aid! Yeah amennoa this is mine her tile damage is insane! :sunglasses:

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@akionna Should you come across Grimm and Tiburtus, level them up as soon as you can. And should you need a green tank Kashhrek will be good until you get a better one. I mention Grimm and Tiburtus because they’re the other two pulverizer bros. If you have all three, having them all maxed will be good for if you need a defense down accordingly.

@Dudeious.Maximus – I have enough trap tools for two purples. Pretty sure my boy wants his ghosty to look like yours. :grin: Likely I would ascend her before Dom. Still hoping for a purple healer too.

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@Aunty_Krauser – So every time we do an event summon or seasonal summon … we typically get a classic hero instead. Just today, my boy pulled Kash. Our first Atlantis, we pulled Sonya. The next one, we pulled Melendor. I say this only because we have some epic hero tokens saved up for the Christmas heroes … which means, maybe we’ll get some cool pulverizing brothers instead.

No complaints from me. I’m enjoying the classic heroes just fine. :smiley:

If you start a topic in the recruitment section of the forum the right alliance will find you.