Compasses must be worth more than life

Level 30…level 18 stronghold…take down 8* titans with alliance…win wars…have onl6 ever received two compasses. All but two of my 4* heroes are level 3 and all m6 5* heroes are level 2. Why the hell is a compass not a craftable item. Monsters have compassesbut you can’t buy one in town. So stupid.

I’m literally a week or two behind you and have seven.

I’d be very happy to trade them for a hidden blade and a warm cape!!


I have 15 compasses. I need gloves, capes, blades, tomes, Tonic, rings, etc. Apparently different players get different items.


I have 12 green heroes 4* and higher. I’d love to trade for red or blue heroes.

There have been a thousand and one arguments and suggestions made for taking and this is just another one of those.

I remember when they were hard to get. I have 15 now. My alliance regularly takes down 9/10. Sometimes we slip to 8. I don’t know what happened. I just started stockpiling. I get them from Mystic Vision and Wanted Chests too.

I think each person has their nemesis item.

Mine are tabbards and only because i seem to get 5 star purples frequently that i want to level.

I have around 15 compasses and have used about 10 and not that far ahead of you.
I’ve also bought some things that gave them.

But if trying to grow 4 star heros…no compasses must suck.

So is the idea/request to make this craftable? Or to collect smaller items that are less rare to put them together?

Looks like the Morgovia quest started today, and a tabbard is top prize. Good luck!

Come and get your compass! The version of Farholme that gives compass and damascus blade as a reward is now running. If you need help completing the events, search on the forum for help with rare quests. :slight_smile:

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