Compass & Fine Gloves : Most important ascension mats

SG needs to find ways of bringing in more opportunities for getting compass & fine gloves for new starters, else they will leave… due to the looooooong wait for these mats, which is needed for all 4 & 5* heroes.

I remember my frustration / helplessness while waiting & waiting…

Actually what I did in those days was raise a whole bunch of 4* to 3.60, where they were quite usable for early-game purposes.

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too true. Hell If i had the option to pay some money for them I would do it. But its just a big getting luck game really.

You will be able to buy both during the morlovia … keep a look out for th daily deals. You will get purchase deals with gems + 1 gloves and gems + 1 compass deals on separate days…

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