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Boolz, this looks amazing… but… what do the following colors mean:


I want to understand this so i can appropriately integrate it into the wiki. :slight_smile:

Just different colours for a easier reading… Green 1 item easiest to get, yellow/brown 2 double the work, redish… 4 items… Quadruple the effort :wink:


What i observed is that common herbs, crystal shards and fine steel are almost not needed


I did something similar

Link 📜 Map Loot (increased chance of finding) and Craft List


I like it, easy to read and quick! nice work! :wink:

In the matrixes i did i tried to let players know, as per polls, what to use the specific ingredient on first letting him know he needs it for other battle item too.


I have my own crafting priority list. I’m in slightly different circumstances, though.

  1. I’m not a free or even cheap player.
  2. I hoarded battle items until my recent move into an alliance killing 11* and 12* titans, so I still have quite a stockpile of battle items.
  3. I’ve got grand dreams of competing for challenge events, but haven’t pushed hard yet.

Food surplus. So far I’m managing to burn all my food, but that won’t last much longer. My priorities are:

  1. Heroes
  2. Troops…when I get feeders.
  3. Super mana when I’m not out of meteors
  4. Minor mana when I’ve got mats.
  5. Antidotes if I’m running low.
  6. Potent healing 'cuz its ingredients don’t really conflict.
  7. Minor healing whenever I’m bored enough to make another few thousand of them.

If none of the above apply, I’ll also craft:
8. Regular healing if I’ve got a surplus of ingredients.
9. Regular mana if I feel good spending Midnight Roots.
10. Super Antidotes if I have a surplus of ingredients. (I sometimes use them for titans where the extra healing is helpful.)

Iron Priorities: I’m in surplus, just trying to use it up building items ahead.

  1. Ran out of buildings long ago.
  2. Timestops - When I have dragon bones (Or dragon attacks)
  3. Tornados - Low on crude iron, not able to use all my nuggets. (I’ve started farming 6-8 for my 3-flag zone farming to get more!)

I’m sorting out my priorities on the remaining ones I use fewer of:
4. Axes and Bombs I mostly use in events
5. I use banners instead of antidotes on titans that give me a -def or -att. Sometimes dragons, but bear or turtle more often. The rate I get them in chests nearly covers the rate I use them.
6. Arrows if I ever run out; I don’t use them much anymore.

I haven’t even wasted the food to research revive or miracle scrolls; I’ve got leftovers, and I did put them into the loadout for all my non-titan teams…because that way when I accidentally take the wrong team farming S2, I can try to save the spent WE and finish the level some of the time. :rofl:


Nice input! Thanks :slight_smile:

What I can add is that minor healing and mana potions’ mats are independent of the other battle items so no worries on them.

And an interesting thing 60% mana potions stack to 100% when 40% of tornados are used also :stuck_out_tongue:

What is most interesting is which items I’m out of or low enough to have them be the limiting item.

4* crafting: All if them, tho I can’t use all my nuggets due to a crude iron shortage.

3* crafting: Midnight roots, and hardwood lumber to a lesser degree.

2* crafting: Metal Ores are getting low. Others aren’t an issue.

1* crafting: Crude Iron. Low on oil, but not out of it. None of the others are a problem.

Leather strips and large bones are a special case; they only go into minor mana, and whenever I get 50-100 I craft them all.

Midnight roots and crude iron I’m not quite decided on my priorities 100% yet … so I’m keeping around 100 as a minimum and crafting them down to that limit. That way if I need something I can craft a decent amount.

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Wow Boolz, this is amazing!! thanksfor sharing and your hard work.

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Once you know which battle items are the most useful… this list comes in very handy, easy to read.

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could u pls do:
including harpoons and new stuff

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its on project list; when i have some time will do :slight_smile:

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This is a very useful starting point:


thx @zephyr1 and thx to @Mariamne for the amazing work :slight_smile:

I would also like to ask @LEN1N78 for access (or a way to get it) to the data from his gspreadsheet , if possible; would save time for me instead to rewrite it all :slight_smile: thx


I don’t want to share this to all.
And PM haven’t there :frowning_face:
Maybe Line?


Thx :slight_smile:

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thanks for this complete stats! :slight_smile:


@yarr68 first post updated with pic
also here: 📌 Boolz Guide - OneClick > QuickInfo

enjoy! :slight_smile:

Standard Titan Items:
SLOT 1: potent healing potion
SLOT 2: antidote
SLOT 3: arrows
SLOT 4: variable: usually bomb, axe, bear banner, turtle banner, or mana (in that order, depending on availability).

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