Comparing average total damage increase: Jinx versus Crit or Understanding 5 / 5 Jinx

Comparing average total damage increase: Jinx versus Crit or Understanding 5 / 5 Jinx
Jinx versus Crit

This article is mostly to help me understand the effect of 5 / 5 Jinx.

Per enemy buff, 5/5 Jinx, increases average damage, approximately the same amount as 3.75% crit increases average damage.

List of enemy buffs

accuracy debuff/ Attack increase AKA Gambler’s Stance
Status lock
Reflected damage
Shared damage
Physical damage leech
Attack increase
Defense increase
Elemental defense increase
Special skill defense increase
Crit increase
Mana increase
Healing increase
Heal Over Time
Combined Defense/ Attack increase ( as per Elemental Link )


0.25 chance of proc * +0.15 damage increase = +0.0375 average damage increase = 1.0375 total average damage


3.75% crit


0.9625 chance of normal damage * 1 + 0.0375 chance of double damage * 2 = 1.0375

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And all that in English is?

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Since jinx can stack for every possible buff (up to… duh… 5? So 75% more damage) or for no buff at all (so 0 damage buff), it’s a little hard to compare them.

5 / 5 Jinx does what?

You are not wrong.

Just trying to get an better understanding of 5 / 5 Jinx.

Since Jinx is a RNG buff, comparing it to another RNG buff like Crit, helps me understand, and compare, what results I should be expecting.

Hard cap on buff

I expect Jinx has a hard cap.

Is it confirmed that Jinx’s hard cap is +75% damage?

Since the description state “15% per each buff” we can assume that it does pile up for each buff, reaching some really high picks.

Nope, there’s nothing anywhere about a jinx cap for damage, i just assumed that it is really hard to get more then 5 buffs active at the same time for a single hero.

And even if it is possible, i assume people do not want to make a team that can be countered like that :grin:

I would love to see Isarnia+20 with Gamblers Stance versus an Aegir all buffed up.




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