Compare to past heros we are facing with super op heros so what gonna happen to those old heros?

New heros appeared so fast that i forget some of them always, new heros are much better than old heros (there are many that all know) not even better on special skill but also are better on state, so what gonna happen to the old heros that we spent on them. If we put them away and try to get new team so experience shows sooner or later new team becomes useless too.
I think game need to rebalande whole heros again, I agree game should make money too but there are better ways than destory game for that purpose. It has worse results, I haven’t spent since new changes appears fast because I can’t find any point of that.


I agree with what you are saying here. SG are pushing more and more heroes out into the game but that is understandable as a business model because it generates income.
But it leaves very competitive players having to spend to keep up with the Jones’ if you want the new shiny toys.
That said, with all the event heroes, and Quest heroes and Soon S5 heroes and all the new costumes, your roster can soon stagnate, even before you get the mats to level your new toy.
It’s going way too fast for me - but I appreciate that it can also be fun too for others


Yes, sometimes I say to myself:
“Let’s compare the new released heroes with the previously released ones.”
I see they got better stats, better effects, and better passive skills.

Then I say:
“Ok, let’s see the ones that will be released next, then…”
I see even better stats, better effects, and better passive skills.

“Let’s compare them with the ones I own.”
(visible sadness) “Ok, :musical_note: i tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter.”


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Does anyone bother to know the new 5* heroes by name and what is it they do, exactly? I most certainly don’t… No idea what the villains, the magicians, the slayers, the starfalls and now, the knights (and probably some more I forgot), are called. There’s simply too many of them to remember by name, or even by special skill. Facing them, I sometimes read the cards to know what to expect, but never bother with their names. It’s the blue sorceress, the red slayer, or the yellow knight, for me. There was a time, when you could connect with the heroes, when their names meant something, when names like Guineviere or Ares, Panther or Isarnia, were effortlessly remembered along with their specials, as well, but that time is long gone now… I miss the glory days of E&P…


As I said multiple times, it’s safer to stick to 4*. Reasons:

4* LB teams can pretty consistently take out premium A+ 5* defences, even if defending heroes also are LB.

A roster full of 4* only makes you very likely to be paired vs similar roster , if you go 1vs1 or 2vs2 wars.

LB 4* teams can complete any PvE part of the game and even compete successfully with 5* teams in challenge events, provided one has a few key 3* and 4* non-S1 heroes like Nordri, Wilbur or Guardian Falcon.

LB 4* teams can successfully make it to top 1% in a 5* raid tournament.

Ascending and maxing 4* LB teams with max emblems takes way fewer resources and no money whatsoever. And happens way faster.

Ascending and maxing whatever 5* you managed to pull as a f2p or c2p will most likely put you in harm’s way, because those won’t be able to effectively compete with A+ premium 5* defences, yet you will be paired in war vs such given the fact that you also have a number of 5* (game doesn’t make a difference between a Horghall and a Cobalt when in terms of pairing).


Whenver i see such a posts i feel very sad for telluria and vella poor heros got nerfed very badly…Lol but its all money tricks


Some of this could be fixed by adding easier access to S1 costumes and older event heroes. It would great much needed balance. Thats what those costumes should have been invented for.

Now there is no real chance to evolve unless you are willing to pay stupendous amounts of cash for it.

Everytime they release new hero instead of chasing them I raid few of the top teams with new hero’s in their defence. It makes me feels satisfied when we win against them using S1 hero’s and hotm :joy: SGG won’t listen to anyone and they will keep releasing power creep.

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Telluria was the turning point for E&P.

There is too many to remember lol

I stopped chasing hero’s. I can’t keep up so I decided to focus on what I have. I’m limit breaking 4* and 3* hero’s and throwing some emblems on them as well. Working on different combinations and not being too concerned with the new hero’s on the way has made the game fun again to me.
Too…many…new hero’s. I refuse to learn all their names. :joy:


I play a game called Warhammer 40,000.

There are about 15 factions, each with 30+ unique units. Each has its own rules and in each faction there’s usually 6 mini-faction rules that change the overall rules that faction has in play.

Long story short unless you are Sheldon from Big Bang you can’t remember it all.

I play events and know my own stuff really well and then have a passing knowledge of the current cheese…beyond that I just have to say “I’ll find out what it all does as we play”

E&P you just have to read a card and what heroes do is pretty easier. So when raiding you just look at hero cards and refresh yourself if it’s new to you.

I don’t think it’s really necessary to have a photographic memory to play this tbh.

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Honestly the fear of the OP new heroes is overstated. If you build an attack team that synergizes, you can beat most defenses. Do I tend to skip the 5000+ defenses? Yes, but that’s just me being lazy. If forced to do so (tournaments, wars), I hold my own pretty well. I’ve had some insanely lucky pulls along the way (Finley, Milena, Faline), but the bulk of my heroes are pretty garden variety S1 and HotM, with a little spice here and there.


When we dont get it,beat it! That gives more pleasure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exactly :crazy_face: It’s waste to chase any hero’s now. Instead play with what we have and try to enjoy the game :joy:


how to get a new hero what to do

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