Compare summons to TC20

I have 4 fully leveled training camps. If I used TC20 in all of them, would I craft a 5* hero any faster than if I bought 2 summons a day?

The best info from user data is that TC20 throws off heroes as follows:

5*; 1/16 = 6%
4*: 3/16 = 19%
3*: 12/16 - 75%

These are substantally better odds than elemental or event summons:

5*: 1.5%
4*: 26.5%
3*: 72%

  • 1.3% HotM chance

If you run two TC20, your odds of a 5* (inlcuding HotM) are about the same as buying two summons/day. Buying the summons costs 600 gems, or about $3 even with rhe best deals. tC20,is free, but cannot summon the HotM.

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Yes…you’re basically doing 4 summons vs 2. However you’re limited to the heroes you can get from TC20, no HOTM or special heroes.

Hi. I am keeping track of my TC20 results for a couple of weeks. So far the score is 55 trainings and just one 5 star hero. This seems quite bad to me to put it mildly. Any thoughts on this?

I think it’s a small sample size and no conclusions can really be drawn :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like fairly bad luck based on the larger samples that have been collected but not particularly unusual.

See @Kerridoc above for aggregated results from several players.

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I’ve been running 1 TC20 since pulling the 1st one Oct 10 of last year, so ~165 pulls. I only recently got my 2nd 5*, which calculates to ~1.2%.

I am perpetually on the left-hand side of the bell-curve in this game. Doesn’t mean anything, except that I’ve been unlucky.



Thx for putting things into perspective.

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