Compare heroes


hi, I want to ascend 2 heroes And I need an advice to choose wich one from:
Gormek or Scarlett
Caedmon or Skittleskull


I would ascend Caedmon and Gormek.
But thats because I like them and they fit into my team/playstyle.

And 4s are easier to get up and started with than 5s :slight_smile:

But for the love of all that is holy, do not feed the 5*s to anyone!


I have Scarlett and I say Gormek, since I hate facing him! I’ve also heard a lot of praise for Caedmon, though I have neither him nor Skittle.


ok,Caedmon will be… but Scarlett is fast, isn’t that so important?


It is, but Gormeks -34% armor debuff and fat ■■■ makes him both hard to kill and usefull against titans, heros and monsters.


thx, I choose the ugly fat one :))


Caedmon and Gormek. Dispel is great in PVP and Gormek has a lot of health and that defence debuff is great, especially because it also removes defence buffs from opponents. And it is great for titans. My damage went up by 25% when i took in Gormek on my titan team instead of Joon.


I am in the same situation with Scarlett and Gormek. I really like Scarlett since she has fast active and has one of the highest attacks in the game, but when I eventually get those hidden blades I will probably do Gormek first even if Scarlett was my first 4* card. Since I already have Tiburtis and the defense buf does not stack does it make sense to have both?


Scarlett is good too. Gormek increases your damage doine and Scarlett your damage taken. It all comes down to what other heroes you use. You dont want same buffs or debuffs on many heroes, as they dont stack.

Skittleskull is quite slow, but his debuff is good. But you dont want to use skittle and scarlett, because they dont stack.


I have caedone he is awsome i choose him over gormac anyday


I love Caedmon. I still miss his dispel, now that I swapped him for Lianna. Only reason to swap was he cant go past level 70, Lianna has 80 more levels to go.