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Would it be possible to create a compare option to be able to look at multiple heroes at the same time. When trying to determine who to continue leveling up it would be nice to be able to pull up 2 or more heroes. Then I could see which one I should go with. Or when making a team I could compare the stats and effects without having to constantly go back and forth trying to remember which hero had what. Thanks

I have thought the same thing as I too tend to forget which hero does what but may I suggest this compare option in a different form.

When you have created a team a compare button appears abive that team which pops up a list of each heros skills all at once above their image
It doesn’t have to be the whole hero card with images etc, just their skills.

Then as you said you could better see hero placement and where they work together or not.


As I have noticed this game attracts a greater amount of adults and mature ones like for example over 40s and most of us don’t have the memory needed fir these types of things like our teenages do who can spit out each heros skills off the top of their heads.

So yea nice suggestion fellow @Thefrenchman


May I suggest @Razor’s Hero Utility v3.0? Although it’s set up to look across a team of 5, it works perfectly well setting up to five heroes you want to see lined up next to each other.



Although I still feel having an in-game option would be more beneficial this link you provided is awesome and I thank both you and the creator.



Thanks @Kerridoc. Hi @Ozy1 - you can select 1 to 5 actually if that helps through the Hero Utility. If I want more I just open up simple Paint or similar and screenshot and can make it into 10 if I want - sometimes do that to have rows of same elemental’s of say 7 or 8 to make a decision. The game is just really limited on screen space to really provide you the kind of information that is assembled in the Hero Utility across 5 (well even 3 probably) Heroes. It is AMAZING on a PC! Otherwise you can also open separate windows and compare several multiples as well if this makes sense…

I do think E&P could manage a fine job comparing 2 however, that would be great! Good request!

The WONDERLAND event Heroes will be added in the next 4 hours or so, just need to grab stats (may release before that is done).


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Cheers, I already sorted that part out with my allience as wr are always discussing lineups and the biggest issues was remembering each one as team suggestions where made.

I fixed that after providing your link ( which they liked as well ) and is to create a team they think works a screenshot it into our lineApp chat box. Works well already.



Great to hear @Ozy1 I have a folder of “test” teams I have put together just as such as well. I have a few things I want to Automate for myself that will ultimately help all of you just don’t want to spoil the surprise or put it out there too soon in the event time holds me back. :smile: Thanks letting me know you and your team find the tool(s) useful!

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