Community, lets boycott (Spending in) the game!

I’ve been trying for 5 months to get poison darts to evolve my Sif. This is extremely frustrating. :frowning:

This is true, my friend.
the board is the king of the game.

Absolutely Correct Friend .

Just a nice board that’s all. Myself have lvl.30 troops and a 4900+ TP with 2 LB heroes and I lose cups just like everyone else! So…. What’s the point? Ok your heroes can Hold a little just a little longer (maybe). But its just like you said with a nice board Bye bye LB heroes……



Trust me I can imgane but at the end of the day We get All these heroes and we barely used them All except on events like the towers etc etc. That’s all you can only take 5 why have 50+?!!! Juat enjoy it man watch you’ll love it!


I don’t know if this Helps but here it its.

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If the game no longer pays off, they will stop developing it or the game will be stopped at all. An alternative already exists. The request of this thread is therefore the wrong way or completely pointless from my humble point of view.


I feel you, the low odds can make this game so frustrating sometimes. Hang in there! Hope those darts come soon so you can enjoy your shiny new maxed Sif

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4 x LB, 5000+ team taken by S1 & S2 heroes with no costumes and no LB. Strong? Yes! Unbreakable? No. Board luck is all.


I feel sorry for the 5000± tp team all that time and money and still got taken out :rofl: nice hit bud

You can’t say they aren’t improving old heroes when they literally announced they’re buffing hotms a day ago. Although I maybe a cynic and say this is for TOL, but a buff is still a buff. And it’s a substantial one

Oh really, I’ve gotten 3 x 5*'s in 19 pulls? And just now, another 4 star troop (not needed) from two free daily tokens (using a superstitious indicator) and a free ETT token.

Wish u luck on this rally. However, I personally won’t be joining in on it. I still find it fun and challenging and enjoy the ppl in it. I see something worthwhile Im gonna spend, till then they just get my curse words. :laughing:

Happy gaming / boycotting


I have a different take on it.
This game is still free to play and once you have reached a certain maturity with your roster which takes a year or 2 if you are FTP or CTP.
If you dont want to spend to play, just leave that aspect of the game. You are not going to get a medal or going to get rich playing this game, This is just a stupid GAME, Mobile for that matter. I do get enraged when playing raids at times, but thats me being human. But if i do not get the heros or if i cant pull latest and greatest i dont cry. I just move on. In the last 2.5 years i have spent little over $800. And i have stopped paying any money except for the buy and gift gems offers as it makes the alliance happy.

Now what I do is, let the rich and foolish throw all the money and make Zynga rich. Let them make the game survive, and i stay with my small lovely alliance members, have fun and mock those rich kids defense with my s1 legends and 4 star heros. It is satisfying to make a mockery of them. Talk about taking a Ford car and beat a Ferrari.

I think SG has a clear direction from Zynga post acquisition. My company was acquired recently by a bigger firm and we were asked to double our current revenue within 5 years. I can say the same to Zynga too.
Luckily i dont have the guilt of leading people into gambling, but just find more clients and customers to make a good revenue.
If a gambler want to throw all his money let me, you just have the fun pulling your cards and play for fun.
At the end it is only a game with a small shelf life. Make hay when the sun shine!
Cheers mate!


If you don’t want to give up then stop spending is already a kind of boycott. Of course you will be outperformed by the player who is keep spending for deeper roster but, you become not care that anymore once decided stop spending, and what you get is save money, or even save time if you play this game lesser and lesser.

Can we start a petition to add more food farms? It’s stupid the amount of food we need to upgrade troops and heroes… and we’ve been getting the same farms for about 3 years now but the amount of heroes keeps increasing each time… so please add more food farms…

BTW, I’m joining this boycott… it’s getting crazy how much you have to spend to get a decent héroe and even so you can’t level it up because you don’t have material so you have to spend on material… -.-

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Well is a rezonabile ideea but i dont know who is going to follow you as almost everyone is obsessed about the game and obsess to have all new heroes what they release monthly or so. Yes if you like to be on top then yes you have to pay something or if you like to play for fun then casual hero’s are doing great job as well.
Have fun

I was thinking of being nitpicky and commenting that one hero is S3 and one is HOTM, and one S1 has a costume, but… oh wait… never mind… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Already been doing that for the last couple months, but they don’t care as long as the whales keep going. We need the whales to join in since that’s all they care about.

Would love to hear what some Russian oil tycoon guy spends. 1000 bucks to someone like that is a dollar for me.

Yes, that’s… almost right! One is a S3, one a HOTM, but, there’s no costume (I wish it was :slight_smile: ). Anyway, the hard part falls on Joon, Sartana and Kage. Although, Malosi’s role is critical, blocking one enemy ar the right time makes all the difference. Rattatoskr might ust as well be replaced by any S1 +20, costumed, LB healer.

P.S. Well, be it as it may, it make a good attack team :grin::grin::grin: