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I am writing this because I, like countless other players, share the concerns of @Avicious, and I wanted to thank him and the 7DD community for starting that wonderful thread, because it made me want to contribute, too. I think we are still short on improvement suggestions from us, the players. After talking with my alliance members (I come from a top 3 Finnish alliance) AND with our Finnish community, we came up with a few:

1 We absolutely need to speed up farming, for free. Farming has become tedious, laborious, and a major turn-off. Why shove it down our throats? It is driving more and more players away from the game, even top players like Arien, who has been asking for insta-farming for a very long time. Please don’t charge us for this feature, or you’ll see many more quitting due to lack of time or simply dying of boredom. We need an insta-farm button after we have completed a level, say, 5 times, or after we hit, say, lvl 30. Faster farming, check. Now we have more time to do the fun stuff.

2 We need a way to revert the training of our heroes, and reuse the AM (Ascension Materials) for new heroes.

Everyone in our alliance has grown very tired of waiting for AM, and we have all sorts of players, from f2p (free to play) to c2p (cheap to play) to p2w/whales (pay to win). We would like to try out our new heroes at their fullest, but it is simply impossible due to lack of AM. How about if we could revert the training, for free, and without penalties, as often as we like, in order to use the AM for another hero? We would still need to train all heroes once to lvl80, but after that, the AMs could be switched instantly between them, at no penalty. So we still couldn’t use them at the same time at lvl80. Thank you for the idea, Nasseyo.

All old 5* lvl80 regulars will obviously not cut it anymore, so why not retire them back to an honorable lvl70 (3^70), where they would still be useful e.g. in AWs? This would make the game really fun again when we could take our old AND new heroes and our lucky event pulls for test runs, all without more AM. More fun with new (and old) heroes, check.

3 We really need to get all of the old HotM (Hero of the Month) heroes to general population (tc20), when they get, say, 12 months old. We are not really hurting the ones who got them early, because nowadays the old ones barely see any action anyway. This way, we will have even more fun with our heroes, and give even the f2p players something to look forward to, every month. IMHO, we are not bridging the f2p-p2w gap here. More fun especially for f2p players, check.

4 We need to have a bad luck mitigation system in place, a bad luck cap, so to speak. E.g. it is insane that we have a player in our alliance who has done over 100 pulls from tc20 in a row, from the start, without pulling a 5* hero. Also, it would be nice that x amount of pulls, say 20, would guarantee the HotM, or even a 5* event-hero. This “bad luck cap” is in place in other games, too, so please take heed, SG. “Not fair, I quit!”, is what it feels like when bad luck is the only luck you have. Keeping players happier and not quitting due to unlucky pulls, check. Notice we are still not given anything for free here, so this doesn’t really concern f2p players.

Edit: sadly, he quit today.

5 Give us more meaningful missions to complete, with real incentive to finish. E.g. give us two extra titan flags for completing the map. Now leveling up and titan flasks are really worth something. Flags still generate only once/4h, so there’s no difference unless we level up or use a flask.

Thank you for the idea, beggar. A real incentive to finish the map, check.

Idea 5.2: Give us really difficult adventures/missions with fixed heroes and items, where creative thinking is required. These missions could and should be pretty long, say, a week or two, and rewards should correlate the effort. I believe this idea was first presented in the forums, somewhere. Kudos for the idea, whoever you are!

6 We really need to have better prizes in events. The current system meaningfully rewards only the top 10 finishers, which, for the vast majority, is absolutely not possible to accomplish, since vast amounts of items are needed. This reduces the incentive to even try for a good score, because just clearing a tier gives you AM.

How about giving a 5* hero to the top 1000 (of all tiers), two for the top 100, and all three for the top 10? Now we have a competition. Also, we need to have AM prizes for finishing the rare tier, and one or more 4* AM for finishing the other two tiers.

Fun idea: give us a new event tier, “Uncommon”, where everyone can compete. Make the 2* heroes ready and available (or fixed), so everyone can instantly compete with equal chances. Make events more fun, interesting and rewarding for everyone, check.

7 We want transparency and communication from SG. We, the players, are customers of SG, and as such deserve to be informed of all the relevant drop percentages and changes made to the game. In order to make informed decisions, we need to know what our chances are to pull a certain hero from different summons or with EHTs (Epic Hero Token). Furthermore, it’s not ok to hide “negative” changes under the catch-all “various bug fixes and other improvements”. If the AM drop rates have changed, tell us. If the algorithm of Wu Kong or strong colors appearing during raids or AWs has changed, tell us. “We are understaffed” will not fly as an excuse. Create trust by communicating more openly, check.

These are just a few ideas, and I’m sure we, the players, and SG, could come up with many more. Please notice I wasn’t asking for increased AM drop rates, or any changes to S2-stuff (it hasn’t rolled out yet, so we can all give it a rest).

Players, if you happen to like any which one of these ideas, make yourself heard. Click the Vote button, please. Pretty please. Let’s make this game even better, together. You, me, beginners, advanced players, SG, everyone.

Yours truly,

Funbunny, and everyone at Finnforce and our wonderful LINE group: E & P [FIN]

P.S. Go like Juzam’s Alchemy Lab suggestion, too, it’s a great idea. Link:

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