[Community Content] Scammers tier 3 Unlocked!

[Community Content] Scammers tier 3 Unlocked !!

First there were the fake downloads imbedded with malware.

Then there was the discount gems offers if you gave them your credit card.

Now there is the free battle items hacks ( forum link )

All the signs are there, Small Giant has a truly huge hit on their hands.

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Gotta be really dumb to think that you can get anything from an external source.

And even if it’s possible, your account would probably be banned.

Just… stupidity.

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Just a reminder of SG policy in case anyone is tempted…

" This is an important announcement regarding cheating. We want to make the game fair for everybody, and cannot tolerate any form of cheating.

Suspicious behaviour and cheating consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Any kind of usage of “bots”, “mods” or third-party software

Nevertheless there are still rumors in forum and many alliances that some people are cheating and getting gems for free somewhere or somehow. An official statement from SG that this is not possible would help to avoid bad blood.

As I understand it, it has been possible to buy third party services that provide gems.

When these are identified, SG can either lock the account or put the gems into negative equity so that the player has to purchase the equivalent in legitimate gems before being able to use them.

So a statement saying it’s completely impossible wouldn’t necessarily be true.


Thanks mate for this clear words…I also seen those Videos on you tube but as I like my phone I decided not to get a virus from this strange links :wink:

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Users have to keep in mind the Devs can shut down your account anytime, if they have strong evidence you cheated.

It is a constant war between Devs and scammers. As Devs plug code loopholes and scammers find them.

Niantic ‘s Pokémon GO had huge numbers at launch because a large percentage were resellers leveling accounts and selling them, bot scanners ( think rare quest generators ), and auto farming.

Pokémon GO has eliminated 98% of these accounts using deep learning and data mining, ironically leading to reports of account/ popularity fall off.

I personally know several players in Niantic ‘s Ingress who have played for 4-5 years, flown all over the world for the game, spent thousands on hotel & travel, played thousands of hours, and had accounts banned, or reset to level 1, because they had friends spoofing their location - cheating - for years and thought “Niantic hasn’t caught them yet, they never will. So I will cheat also”. Eventually, Niantic caught them.


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