[Community Content] Moderators should be able to trade forum titles once per 24 hour period

[Community Content] Moderators should be able to trade forum titles once per 24 hour period

Devs, it’s obvious that moderators have a preferred role.

It is right there in their forum title where all can see it plain as the tiny screen in front of my squinty eyes.

But some moderators insist on things like eating, sleeping, bathing, visiting with their families, earning a living, etc.

So boring when they could be here merging threads and calming rage quitters.

So I hate to ruin your awesome forum design, but you should definitely absolutely immediately get out of bed, run to the server room and type into the admin keyboard commands, or magic ( who knows ), so in the next five minutes ( I have started a stopwatch. Now. ) moderators can trade forum titles once per 24 hours.

So @DaveCozy could do the Beta Beat, @JonahTheBard could study which icon means “no defense down for YOU!” and @zephyr1 can learn to play the Ocarina.

I considered once per 12 hours but that seems OP.

You can ignore any comments below attempting to refine my idea since it is so simple, intuitive and obvious you will kick yourself for not destroying the universe to power a time machine to jump to an alternative time line and implement the idea before those spies from Battleships and Bimbos or Massive Pecs and Myths get ahold of it and implement it first!


I mean, there’s this

For posterity:

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Hey…that’s my line…
I tellz ya…I don’t get no respect.


So, I have to be like a different mod sometimes… would I have to do maths? Cos, I’m going to be a poor replica.

I am trying to be like the bovine fellow and ruin everyone’s fun before they count to 20.

And sometimes I’m kind and compassionate like miss kitty…but I’m not sure I could do it every day


Welcome to my life since @Garanwyn left.



When did you start learning @zephyr1


I think it started the other day when @RudoDewbie asked:

And I replied:


You can be like me. I’m an engineer by trait, so you’d think I can do math. Maybe once upon a time.

Well, my wife calls me an engineer that doesn’t engineer anything. It’s called delegation!

Lesson here sir bard, find a group of math minions. Keep them happy and they’ll make you look smart.


Are you talking about @Math4lyfe?

There are a whole bevvy of ultra smart mathematicians.

I’m not a complete numerical novice but I try to keep up on beta on it makes my head spin!


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