[Community Content] Dragon watching

[Community Content] Dragon watching

According to my research the dragon flies though the mountains just above the Watchtower spire and rightmost mountain peak ( about the level of the Wanted titan mission chest in the default base interface) every 16 minutes.

Assuming the the dragon is circling the mountain, what is the air speed velocity of an unladen dragon?


African or European?


This is a lot of ex parrots…


Shrugged off its mortal coil and joined the Choir Celestial


You really would have to take into account dragon stops/lady dragons and air traffic there are birds I couldn’t help but notice they fly not with the dragon but inbetween the flight.

However as the birds can be shot down does this change the time for the flight of the dragon? or is it still 16 mins without the birds still being killed?

European dragon I think with the devs being in Finland.

I have opened a new line of inquiry.

What is the air speed velocity of a heavily laden Sleigh?

Is it a Morlovian or Correllian sleigh?


I wish the missions would just say what they mean: “Murder 400 parrots.”

“Defeating” makes it sound like they’re going to come back. Those macaws are dead. You know it and I know it.

The Fugitive line “I didn’t defeat my wife” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

That’s very funny

I made it quite clear in my poem on the topic

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