[Community Content] All hail Lord Carver ! or what avatar in jokes does your alliance have?

[Community Content] All hail Lord Carver ! or what avatar in jokes does your alliance have ?

My teammate, Taliesin, keeps drawing 3* green Carver from summons. So we affectionately call him “Lord Carver”. He missed the Carver avatar last time. But now he has the Carver avatar and the skull pin.

( begin teasing )
I just pointed out the skull is from the last Carver he fed to another hero.

“Alas poor Carver! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite summons. He hath borne feeding to other heroes a thousand times.”
( end teasing ).

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My alliance is painfully aware of my hatred for Renfeld because, in my (so far fruitless) quest for pulling Rigard in Dark Elemental Summons, I always seem to pull Ren at least twice, along with the usual Priscas, Oberons and Tyrums.

Last count: 14 Renfelds from 4 Purple 10 x summons.

I postulated that Renfeld was deliberately sabotaging my summons because I hated him so much, so I informed my alliance that I’d decided to embrace the cross-dressing assassin formerly known as Jenneh in order to placate the gaming gods, who would reward me with Rigard (and bonus Sabrina and Tibs).

So I sported the Renfeld avatar for 24 hours before a purple 10 x pull and posted a top ten list in alliance chat of why I love Renfeld. The gaming gods are clearly vengeful ones, because they rewarded me with FOUR (a personal best!) of that clown-faced b****** AND STILL NO RIGARD (or bonus Sabrina or Tibs).

Final count: 18 Renfelds from 5 Purple 10 x summons.

My alliance found the whole harrowing affair highly amusing. To this day I sometimes wake, screaming “Renfeld!”, in the dead of night.

Rigard continues to elude me.


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